Pakistani Truck Driver Goes To Check Out Kabul Airport Chaos, Winds Up In U.S.

A Pakistani truck driver named Masho Shinwari reportedly went to the Kabul airport to see the unfolding drama there – and wound up in the United States.

Here’s the story being told in Pushto (taken off of WhatsApp) and here’s an English translation.

I don’t know, I was just roaming around near the airport aimlessly and I was very curious to see how do airplanes look in proximity.

People were heading towards the airport. And I was like, let me also just go and check out how the airplane to see how it looks like from close-by.

There was a big airplane with a hole in the back through which people were boarding the plane. And I thought, let me also get through so that I can see how it looks like from the inside.

As this version of the story is told, it doesn’t seem quite right – because military cargo planes weren’t flying people from Kabul to the United States but to nearby bases where they’d wait for further transport.

However Indian newspaper Siasat Daily has the names of the people involved, and the story has been shared in greater detail by ex-Dutch Member of Parliament Joram van Klavere, who is himself an interesting story (he was once viewed as anti-Muslim but converted to Islam while writing a book against it).

The man who allegedly made this journey was a resident of Landi Kotal, and regularly drove a route from Peshawar to Torkham. His truck is reportedly parked near the Kabul airport and the keys are in the U.S… at least, if Shinwari is indeed in America.

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  1. The claims about American citizens being left behind in Afghanistan are false. Nearly all these people are non western afghanis who were conferred citizenship by the U.S. These aren’t actually Americans. Now thousands are being brought to the U.S. to even more destroy the demographic responsible for nearly every technological innovation and comfort in history. It’s disgusting.

  2. C’mon Gary, this never happened. It’s misinformation. The NY Times didn’t report it and I never saw it on CNN. If the government is handling the situation in Kabul, obviously they are doing it right and vetting 100% of people. Do better. Full stop. Period. Full stop.

  3. Can always count on @Jackass Waterson to spew his hate. I don’t want to be the one to break it to you but you live in a sh@thole.

  4. lol @Jackson Waterson – Oh, is that how it works?!?

    “Don’t worry, guys. These folks aren’t actually Americans, their folks only came over on the Mayflower!”

    Thank you for a solid laugh, sir!

  5. Gary,

    it is a Whatsapp forward that has been well debunked. it has been floating around the internet for a long time and has just been updated for the current scenario.


  6. When Columbus set foot in the New World, an Indian told his wife, There goes the neighborhood.”.

  7. “afghanis who were conferred citizenship by the U.S”
    Jacka$$ Waterson is again speaking of what he knows nothing.
    FYI, the United States does not “confer” citizenship on anyone. You get a green card first (if you qualify), and after 5 yrs of living in the USA, you pass exam and then become a citizen.

    Go spew your hate somewhere else and stop polluting here.

  8. @Jackson Waterson
    As usual the know-it-all Jackass is spreading racist falsehoods.
    If you’re unhappy Jack, move to England and join the racist stiffs there. I’m sure they will be glad to have you.

  9. I think Jackson Waterson is a Russin disinformation actor.
    The cadence of his writing is just a wee-wee bit off.

  10. Trying not to spew anything but let’s hope everyone arriving (including military) are being tested for covid before being set into the general public. And all non-US citizens have security clearance (the workers all seem to have “papers”….and would have been cleared before being hired) especially all family members who were not direct hired and not with a clearance themself (adult members). Medical check-ups to ensure all free from any communicable diseases just as anyone wanting to immigrate has to go through.

  11. “Now thousands are being brought to the U.S. to even more destroy the demographic responsible for nearly every technological innovation and comfort in history. It’s disgusting.”

    Ever heard of Google, ass-wipe. Former Russians.
    AT&T. Ever heard of A.G. Bell
    Goldman Sachs, founder from Germany
    eBay, founder from France
    Kohls. Founder from Poland
    Comcast founder from Germany
    Yahoo founder from Taiwan
    Nordstrom founder from Sweden
    E.I. du Pont founder from France
    Pfizer founder from Germany (probably the company that gave you Covid shot up your butt.)

    Crawl back in your hole.

  12. Haven’t you guys figured out that Jackson is actually one of Gary’s alter-egos designed to generate clicks?
    I think he logs in as Jackson, logs out, then logs in again to argus with his alter ego just to get things going.

  13. You all are too much. Gennady needs to check out some of her potential new neighbors coming from Afghanistan and from the southern border for those green cards. Please report back if you see them.
    Though it was long, long ago Mr. Waterson needs to look back in history to a time when the Muslims had the highest civilization on earth. Their innovations were unparalleled.

    Mr Ramlall shouldn’t get his hopes up. Covid testing is unlikely to be part of the “processing” as there is not much, if any, processing. There are not enough people employed in the federal government to take on that job and do it right.

    Seriously Alan, today’s hordes of invaders cannot be compared to yesterday’s legal immigrants who worked hard to make the US their home. They learned the language and contributed to the building of this nation. Today we have far too many who have decided to flaunt our laws up front, don’t care to speak English and certainly enjoy the fruits of our largesse more than the fruits of their own labors.

  14. Seems hard to believe. Peshwar is the adopted hometown of Osama Bin Laden so there is that. And it’s hard to imagine that someone just wondered through all that and accidentally ended up on a plane.

  15. Story is FAKE.
    It has been posted from a fake account with misspelled name of that Dutch politician
    (Who by the way has an interrsting life story to tell – truth, not fake)

  16. This Jackson Jerk is the perfect Trumpet moron,who seems to think that these United States are basically burial grounds in waiting for ageing white morons who are the only citizens. Drop dead, moron.

  17. @ Jackson Waterson. You’re writing to an audience that doesn’t recognize sarcasm unless it’s directed at conservative values.

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