Getting Status Extended 12 Months And Amazon Prime For All

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  1. “amazon prime for all”. Your clickbait headlines just get more and more outrageous. You truly do not value our time.

  2. Gary-
    You forget the MILLIONS of people who are unbanked or/or without homes. They don’t have credit cards, and they don’t have addresses for Amazon. We are seeing the chickens come home to roost…some have said we don’t need a safety net, as everyone can always pull themselves up by their bootstraps…But when it happens to THEM, suddenly they realize its not true. Hopefully we will see the societal change needed to make the US a better place moving forward.

  3. Thougth Amazon was being kind enough to provide Prime for All, needless to say, fell for classic click-bait from Gary. Don’t need an excuse from you of having “Dry Sense of Humor” – this goes beyond humor, especially during the time when people actually could benefit from a membership like that. You need someone to proof read your content prior to having thousands fall for your click-bait to increase your views.

  4. “Rick” said: “amazon prime for all”. Your clickbait headlines just get more and more outrageous. You truly do not value our time.

    Yeah? You don’t value mine. Stop whining. If your don’t like the content, piss off!

  5. Well, the banks and Wall Street got $2+ trillion so far (since 9/2019) in “quantitative easing” without the people’s consent. And you have been complaining about the inevitable handouts to the hospitality and other industries. The 1%ers did it in 2009, remember TARP? Now, they don’t need Congress’ approval, they just do it!

    Not sure about Amazon Prime or electronic gadgets, but why not just assist the common folk during hard times, or for healthcare, education, housing, etc.? Which will be peanuts in comparison to the ongoing corporate welfare! Let us remember that consumer and government spending are what really move this economy.

  6. Have President Trump ask each individual airline how much they have made on baggage the last year before you write any bailout checks to them.

  7. Just FYI is keeping you at your current member status (i.e silver, gold..) for the next year. Which is nice because we’ve spent a lot on hotel rooms over the last year. We had about a month and a half to book a few rooms and achieve Gold status. Now we have a year. We were actually planning a trip that would have got us to the next level when all this started. Kinda nice I guess. Although the only benefit gold has that silver doesn’t, that we might possibly use is basically a free room upgrade. Honestly though, we don’t always stay at really nice places so we are often already in the best room. Which sometimes isn’t anything special to begin with. LOL Nice gesture on the part of though.

  8. I’m not coming back to this clickbait blog again. Ok Google, remove this shit from my feed.

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