Chinese Marriotts and Hiltons Not Accepting American Guests

As China recovers from COVID-19, and hopes to stave off a second wave of infections, they’re testing people entering the country. Even with a low volume of international flights that’s led to long delays and frustrations entering the country.

China reported zero new domestically acquired cases on Wednesday. Their 34 new reported cases were all people who acquired the virus abroad.

As a result there’s a strong fear of foreigners. Just like I wrote about Asian American men being denied hotel rooms in the Midwest because “China” apparently Chinese won’t let Americans or other foreigners rent rooms either – and this includes hotels at Western chains like Marriott and Hilton according to New York Times correspondent Paul Mozur:

There are reports of similar experiences renting an Airbnb and even a Shanghai apartment

I’ve reached out to both Hilton and Marriott and will update if either respond.

(HT: @Zero_coupon)

Update: Hilton disagrees and corporate policy, at least, is that they are welcoming all guests.

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  1. @Jeff
    You do realize as Gary mentioned they have zero domestically acquired cases … much more safer than here and I actually prefer to be in China right now if they weren’t restricting foreigners

  2. Why would anyone in their right mind want to go to China now?

    And, based on everything we are beginning to more fully appreciate about their government, culture and society, it’s hard to imagine anyone ever wanting to go again.

    This is a toxic relationship, with a society that is instinctively secretive, dishonest, corrupt and paranoid, owing to their centuries-long experience with unspeakable brutality untempered by the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Age of Reason, or the rule of law.

    At the end of the day, this is a culture with which we have little in common, and who predominantly don’t share our values, our ideals, our goals for people and the world, our view of the future, or our view of the relationships that should exist between people, their governments, and other countries.

    25 years of engagement has not bridged the chasm. All it has done is make a totalitarian poor society into a totalitarian wealthy one, with the only real change being their new power and their ability to now project their still-predatory instincts onto the world, including us.

    Our efforts to have a normal and mutually beneficial relationship with China will be as futile as trying to make friends with a zombie or cannibal.

    As with any toxic relationship, we should be looking to get out of it, albeit at the least possible cost and disruption to our lives, by starting the decoupling and disengagement process now, with a view toward being completely out of the relationship in 5-15 years.

    Vaya con dios and God Bless you, atheist China. I’ll go my way; you go yours. Hope things work out for you, but I won’t be in the picture

  3. Michael Feldman : Your remarks have to be the most xenophobic rant I have ever seen on this site. But I do agree with you on your last point. Best you go your way ‘coz you definitely won’t be in any picture!

  4. @Gene. It’s people like you calling other people racist, no matter if they are or aren’t that keeps bringing attention to racism and by doing that it’s like throwing gas on a open fire. And your lucky you have the freedom to talk about the leader of our country however you wish. I bet you’d think twice in doing this in other countries. The strong lead and the weak follow. Im glad I’m strong! Good luck.

  5. You know there is good and bad in every country and we should learn to look in our own back yard to clean it up. China is a beautiful country and they fought long hard wars to survive just like the rest of the countries did so let’s just move on with our lives and help each other to grow.

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