Giveaway: 20 Tickets on Each of 3 Inaugural Flights to the Caribbean!

Giveaway: 20 Tickets on Each of 3 Inaugural Flights (With Return Flight Included)

Back in June I wrote that discount carrier Norwegian – which offers cheap flights between the US and Europe – would start flying from the US to the Caribbean as well.

By flying between French Caribbean islands and the US they’re able to take advantage of US-Europe Open Skies agreements. I’m seeing fares as long as $69 one-way from the US to the Caribbean.

They’re flying brand new Boeing 737s with free wifi, streaming entertainment, and buy on board snacks on all the flights. They’re a low cost carrier, so it’s not a premium flight, but the inaugurals are historic ones in their own right.

These flights aren’t going to be big money makers, but the concept is an important one. My preferred solution to competition in the US airline industry is removing foreign ownership restrictions on US airlines. The next best thing is opening up US markets to more airlines competing for passengers. These flights are something Norwegian can do now, without changes in law.

Inside Flyer is giving away 20 tickets on each of the inaugural flights.

The inaugurals are:

  • New York JFK – Fort De France Martinique, December 3, 1:20pm – 7:15pm
  • Boston – Pointe-à-Pitre Guadeloupe, December 3, 1:00pm – 6:15pm
  • Baltimore – Fort De France Martinique, December 4, 1:00pm – 6:25pm

Don’t worry, the winners also get to come home! In fact, they’ll get to take any return they want to Baltimore, New York JFK, or Boston as long as there’s space available on the flight. (When claiming the prize will need to specify the return desired. You’re on your own for hotels and meals, and any flights to other islands. Check Norwegian’s website for your preferred return schedule.)

Here are the contest rules. In brief:

  • Post in the contest entry thread on Inside Flyer for each individual inaugural:

  • You can post multiple times, and win multiple times (more tickets means bringing people with you). Every post needs to include #Fly4Unicef

  • Winners will be drawn at noon Mountain time on Monday November 9th. They’ll be contacted via Private message on and will need to respond if they want the ticket by 6pm Mountain time that night, including their desired return flight. That way there’s enough time for any unclaimed tickets to be awarded to someone else.

  • Each winner will make a donation to Norwegian’s preferred charity Unicef in any amount.

Seems like a cool opportunity, made more so because there will be at least 20 enthusiasts on each of the inaugural flights — and likely more, because I’ve heard rumblings of some bloggers having purchased tickets themselves.

Giveaway: 20 Tickets on Each of 3 Inaugural Flights (With Return Flight Included)

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  1. Great to see more competition to the Caribbean. Baltimore – Fort De France Martinique and supporting a great cause -#Fly4Unicef!

  2. Wonderful to see more non-stop flights to Martinique, especially from non-traditional gateways.

    Baltimore – Fort De France Martinique.
    #Fly4Unicef! – a great cause!

  3. I was one of the lucky people to win a flight there. I joined the website based upon Gary’s mention a few weeks back, and my first posts were the entry posts.

    I totally forgot about it and planned a different vacation — I was able to make changes and will be able to go to Martinique, my travel buddy cannot make changes so I will meet up with him on our original vacation only a day later. I forfeited the 2nd ticket I won and hopefully it was given to someone else that entered. But gosh, there was like hardly any time to decide if you could go — my failing because I dismissed that I would win (what are the odds?) so being notified of winning was a pleasant experience, but set off a huge round of flight searching, plan changing, hotel searching and changing.

    thanks for the heads up on the contest, Gary.

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