Global Entry is Becoming Tougher to Get – and Being Revoked

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  1. Wife and myself just got GE. Took some hoping and praying but we got our conditional back in 3 days. Walked into the airport during their modified 4 hour daily window and got seen with no wait. In and out in 10 minutes. Cards arrived 5 days later. BWI. They seem to change their hours weekly without any correct publication or info on recording however. We almost missed their close time bc the wrong time was online.

  2. I applied for our three kids (all under 14) three months ago and still haven’t received conditional approval (my wife and I both already have GE). I’m getting frustrated because we leave at the end of the month for Africa and really wanted everyone to have it. The process for kids shouldn’t take this long, especially when the parents already have it.

  3. What’s wrong with a pit bull? A trained dog is a trained dog, period. Any untrained or unbalanced dog can be an issue. Pit bulls are no exception

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  5. Good for Tim. The Big 3 should be called out for weasely their actions vis a vis the ME3…

  6. Chicago (ORD) is the easiest interview slot to get for Global Entry. When I interviewed there several yrs ago, I was told they (ORD) had more people to do interviews than any location.

  7. We’re based in the Bay Area, and the SFO Global Entry interview slots are really backlogged. While I did my interview on arrival, we ended up killing two birds with one stone and got my wife hers in MCO while on vacation. Really smooth process.

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