Guess Who Says He Was On the Quarantined Emirates Flight Today? This is Awesome

This morning an Emirates flight was quarantined on arrival at New York JFK with sick passengers on board.

Some initial reports suggested that 100 were ill. Emirates said it was 10. The most recent information we have is that 19 passengers were deemed to have medical issues. Ten were transported to the hospital, while nine declined medical treatment and were released.

Passengers were checked on the aircraft and had their temperatures taken as they deplaned before being permitted to board a bus for the terminal.

There’s a lot of misinformation and baseless speculation about the event. “Flu like” symptoms were initially reported, but the captain didn’t decide to divert the aircraft. The CDC responded once the plane was on the ground.

So far there are no reports of other aircraft with passengers experiencing similar symptoms. There are no reports at this point of similar symptoms from passengers at the Dubai airport. And we don’t yet know what sick passengers have in common — where they originated their flying, whether they were seated together, whether they all ate the fish.

What do we know at this point, though? That Vanilla Ice says he was on board.

From his account we know that the sick passengers were in economy, because they were downstairs on the double decker Airbus A380 aircraft.

The artist whose real name is Rob Van Winkle claims to have been ‘upstairs’ which means either in business class or first. The plane’s first class suites are at the front of the plane, while the rear of the upper deck is the business class bar. Passengers may have spent their 15 hour journey partying with Vanilla Ice!

Oddly his tweets all came after the incident so the timeline is suspect.

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  1. If only I could have met the legendary Vanilla Ice onboard
    Ice ice baby
    What a lost opportunity 😉

  2. Hey, when you use Ecstasy, Cocaine and Heroin like this guy does, you imagine you truly are on that plane and flying high.

  3. Why is this “awesome”? For the fact that he was on the plane, was not on the plane and made it up or just the fact that someone who was on the plane posted an update online? Seriously !

  4. Good to know the legendary Vanilla Ice has improved his syntax and grammar in the decades since he was a one-hit wonder

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