Guy Asks Out Girl At The Airport Using His Robot Suitcase As Go-Between

A man in the airport spotted a woman near his gate area and decided he wanted to approach her. What’s the modern and non-creepy way to do that with someone you’ve never met? He decided to send over his robot suitcase to do it, rather than walking up.

He wrote a note on a pad and sent over the note. She could check ‘yes’ for whether they could spend time together (indeed, rearrange their seats to spend the flight together) or ‘no’ for go away and leave her alone. The luggage went up to her. She read the note. He seemed to think things were going well. She checked a box, the suitcase returned and he read it. Buzz off!

@djspindizzy well at least i tried 🤦🏽‍♂️ #travel #traveling #funny #fyp #foryou ♬ love nwantinti (ah ah ah) – CKay

The suitcase-as-wingman is a stunt that might work for someone else in the future. And that seems to be the point. C Boarding Group points out that the stunt is meant to promote the suitcase, Rydebot. And further the “woman in the video looks eerily familiar to his girlfriend in other videos”

I’m perfectly happy with rolling bags thank you very much. My luggage doesn’t need a remote control and it doesn’t need a built-in charging capability. But then I’m married and not asking out random women at the airport.

If you are, remember that smart bags must have removable batteries to be accepted by most airlines, since a passenger might be required to gate check the bag and airlines don’t want the bag’s battery in the luggage compartment of the plane due to fire risk.

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  1. The woman gave this jerk the most appropriate response…..”buzz off!”
    How stupid, crude, and rude people are becoming in this impersonal high tech world.
    Maybe the idiot with the robot suitcase should have put a Fauci diaper mask on the suitcase!

  2. It’s even more creepy and “so desparate”. Girls like mature guys. He acted like a kid so no wonder he got “No, leave me alone”.

  3. So glad I didn’t grow up in this environment!! First off, you have to worry that she hates “cis-males” and that she’s brainwashed against ‘traditional’ relationships. Then, you have to worry whether anything you say might be a ‘micro-aggression’ (again due to her being sufficiently brainwashed). Then of course, she might not even be a ‘she’. Better look close. Males these days – their courage is castrated.
    Too bad guys; around 30 years ago it was easy to get the party started. Girls were girls and guys could be guys! Our guy here tried to use his bag, but the rest of you are saddled with much more detrimental political “baggage” now when all you’re trying to do is something simple and natural like approaching a girl.

  4. Turns out it was just a commercial for the bag (noted by Gary). Ugh!
    And it didn’t take long for a commenter to make this political.

  5. “How stupid, crude, and rude people are becoming in this impersonal high tech world.”

    Ever heard of irony @Daryl Higgins?

  6. On the other hand…if you hate rejection…how do you deal with “even my suitcase can’t get a date?”

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