Hertz Gives Money To People They Sent To Jail For Crimes They Didn’t Commit [Roundup]

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  1. “While we remain steadfast in our commitment to defend the company’s interest against those that intend harm, we also want to do right by our customers.”

    This is such bad PR. I seriously hope that CEO is arrested when some $8/hr wage slave “forgets” to input his business rental return into the system. I bet their systems would get fixed then, and it wouldn’t even cost the $100k to settle!

  2. So they sent settlement offers. That means very little without knowing what those offers are. Anyone spending 12 days in jail should get more than $100K — I’m surprised they took it (but of course, I don’t know their personal situation).

  3. I work for a very larger corporation with over 100k employees and we received a memo recommending we choose another rental agency on company travel.

  4. Today Hertz settled with 3 dozen customers who “had a negative experience with our company”. That’s corporate PR for “customers who got raped in prison due to our gross negligence”

  5. I struggle to understand what PR official ok’ed this statement from the lawyers: “we remain steadfast in our commitment to defend the company’s interest against those that intend harm.” I also struggle to understand why Hertz is getting all the blame. Making a false report to police is a crime in every jurisdiction, yet all these police agencies have collectively done nothing but happily arrest whoever Hertz asks them to. This is a case of swatting at a corporate, institutional level, and we are left with nothing but civil litigation as a deterrent.

  6. Non one affected by this outrageous behavior should settle for less than $1 million. Hertz needs to be driven out of business.

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