Hotel Mistake Rate: Westin Times Square New York for $60

The Renew Your Soul package is pricing for $60+tax at the Westin Times Square.

  • In addition to the link above which pre-fills in the relevant package, you can search for the “Renew Your Soul Package” rate in the “Promotions and Packages” section. Search for your desired dates. Pick the Westin Times Square and then “promotions and packages” and make sure you are searching one adult only. That will bring up the rate if the package is available.
  • This is available on some but not all Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights between September and December.
  • The package includes a $10 minibar credit, an in-room movie, a $10 Metrocard, and a $10 coffee card.

As I say, this only comes up when searching for 1 person per room. If this is ultimately honored (don’t buy non-refundable airfare just yet!) then they well could enforce the one person per room limit. So if you are two people, you might want to book two rooms as a precaution. And if that’s how things work out, you at least get two minibar, movie, coffee, etc. credits and a still-amazing $120 per night for the Westin Times Square.

This is pre-paid non-cancellable though I would guess that they’d rather refund your money than have you stay so it’s always possible you may be able to cancel for a refund later if this is ultimately honored. The fact that this is prepaid makes it more likely that it’ll be honored, though.

(HT: SalesStud)

Update: 10:30am Eastern it is getting tougher to book, inventory is disappearing, so plenty of folks are saying this is dead. But I’m also still getting reports of success for dates in September and in December, as of just a few minutes ago. Maybe it’s on its way out, but it doesn’t seem quite dead yet.

Update: 10:50am Eastern it does now appear to be gone. Now we wait to see whether it will be honored or not!

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  1. If you were to bring a second person, what would happen? Would they just charge you the extra person fee, do you think?

  2. NOTE:
    Cancellation Policy
    The time for canceling without penalty has passed. If you cancel, the forfeiture amount will be 100 percent. There may be additional applicable charges and taxes.
    USD 60.00 deposit is due on 08/19/2012 and will be charged to the credit card provided.

  3. As for the 2 person rule, the hotel is huge and busy just have them wait outside while you check in… I don’t see it being a problem really

  4. I was going to go for it until I thought of the taxes.
    New York City’s taxes on visitors, in fact, ranked second in the nation in a study published last year by the Global Business Travel Association. The highest taxes in the association’s list of 50 destinations were levied by Chicago. There, the combination of hotel room, rental car and restaurant taxes in the city center are estimated to cost travelers an average of $38.75 a day.

  5. Can you make a bunch of reservations and sell them on Cancelon? Potential free money making opportunity!

  6. Great tip, unfortunately didn’t find the rate on the dates in early November when I’m going.

  7. Booked for 12/21-23, gonna have a little NYC holiday cheer getaway! Thanks Gary, great find! Will also help my SPG 75 run!

  8. Wow! Thanks for the tip. Had to play around with the dates quite a bit (Nov wasn’t working out), but was able to book a weekend in Sept. Many thanks!

  9. @Ansh. I’m tempted to book but don’t like the fact that it’s nonrefundable. How does Cancelon work? Do you need to change the name? If so, @Gary, do you think name changes will fly? Thanks a bunch.

  10. @Gerard — “steal” how exactly can I still information that is publicly shared? I didn’t claim it was mine, I credited where it was posted.

    As for the mistaken notion that i killed it — and i haven’t verified that it is dead — but Flyertalk is MUCH more heavily trafficked than this blog. Additionally, Starwood actively monitors Flyertalk.

    So blaming me for something going away, when it was going to be very short-lived and then goes away as expected, is a bit strange.

  11. Why would folks expect name changes to be permitted?

    Now, there’s a reasonable chance that a second person’s name could be added to the reservation allowing them to check in. I’ve done that, even on mistake rates. But there’s no guarantee of that.

  12. So shameless self promotion, without even taking the time and effort to look at the offer (it was offered for almost any date, not just thu/sun) is ok in your book? And really crediting where it was posted with two words, come on….

  13. 12/21 is still working, just booked it. Sunday 10:15am
    Couldn’t find any other available dates. Thanks Gary.

  14. I booked my two rooms for two nights in Sept. but accidentally booked “gary’s night:)” in Dec 12/21. Anyone want? maybe we could add your name to reservation?

  15. Great, use FT links to your benefit, even though you don’t participate there anymore – and quickly kill the deal. Thanks!

  16. I was able to book end of Sept. about 45 min ago. But now it’s only allowing those specific dates 12/22….. When a friend tried to book. He even tried my dates again just to see and it was no longer available for hte dates I was able to get it. Kept hiking it back up to a normal rate. Hmmm.

  17. @Eric, let me offer you a few thoughts

    “use FT links to your benefit”

    I actually didn’t book this myself but lots of people did benefit from it who wouldn’t have if I didn’t post it.

    “even though you don’t participate there anymore”

    Which one of us has contributed more to that community over time?

    Plenty of people lurk there, why single me out?

    For what it’s worth:

    * This wasn’t expected to last a long time, there’s no reason at all to think my blog killed this

    * Flyertalk has MUCH more traffic than my blog

    * Starwood actively monitors Flyertalk

    * It was also posted on SLICKDEALS.

    Don’t expect that to change your mind but there’s a really irrational hatred that isn’t always warranted.


  18. Be a man and just say that you actively poach the boards to get traffic to your site. No law against that but don’t hide behind excuses and clearly give credit to the OP and source.

  19. @Carol I would take the room off your hands for the december 21st night If you could change the reservation and I would PayPal you the money for it

  20. Gary – I did not make a reservation but want to give a shout out to say “thank you” for posting this and let you know that the information offered on your site is appreciated.

  21. Gary, you are known in this community to do things for your gain. You spilled the beans on good stuff too much to the media and public. This is why people single you out.

    Mock my words, all this info to the masses will kill EVERYTHING, including credit card churning, causes laws and rules to change, redemption will be crap, etc… I know from experience. I won’t get into which topic I’m talking about. But once things gets bigger and bigger, it will all be gone. You think bloggers will have a job doing this later on? Not at this rate.. bloggers are easily replaceable.

  22. @Gerard I’m being perfectly reasonable, my response to you is above, no reason to get personal and insult my manhood because I’m trying to share something useful. I have plenty of traffic, probably more than anyone else I do my best to credit where I get information, I don’t claim really very many ideas are mine and mine alone or originally.

    Hopefully some folks read about this and will wind up with a good deal on a room in New York City as a result.

    And for what it’s worth the deal doesn’t actually seem dead yet.

  23. Gerard,

    Its not a big deal man!

    You make it sound like Gary is running for President or something!!!!!

    Gary – Keep up the great work. Get information from were ever you can find it and post it here!

  24. Gary thanks so much for sharing. YOU sharing encouraged me to book a Mom and Daughter weekend for NYC. I appreciate your unselfishness in sharing deals. Thank You.

  25. I was able to pull up the package for one person for a December weekend but not even close to $60… more like $600. So another data point.

  26. @ Greg let’s see how this plays out. follow me on twitter @stravelgirl and we can direct message from there! Would love to keep it and help

  27. Agreed. Thanks Gary. This allowed me to book a hotel for my parent’s first trip to NYC that they never would have been able to afford otherwise.

  28. for the weekend of Dec 21, it is pricing at $289 for me, 1 or 2 people, 1 or 2 days, makes no difference. of course that’s still a good rate compared to the $600+ per night that shows for other weekends. but maybe no steal compared to priceline.

    thanks for posting gary, just sorry i wasn’t up earlier today on the west coast. ignore your critics who apparently have some strange ax to grind.

  29. Nothing wrong in sharing information, that’s why I read the blogs.
    But what really annoys me is that you shamelessly steal the information from somewhere else and then bask in the “glory” of your find, and even deny you do this to attract readers….

    Starting your post with ” Found this on FlyerTalk…” would be a lot more mature.

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