Hotels Cancelling Reservations During Army-Navy Game To House Migrants

When there’s significant demand for hotel rooms, compared to available room inventory, hotels will sometimes become bad actors and cancel reservations that were made at ‘normal’ prices. This comes up around special events. In college towns it may be around graduation, it happens around major celestial events. I’ve covered extensively over the years hotels that argue their regular price was a mistake rate and stick it to their customers.

But there’s another situation causing hotel reservations to be cancelled around a major event:

  • The Army-Navy Game
  • An influx of migrants
  • And a legal obligation to provide shelter for those migrants

The Army-Navy game will be held December 9 at Gillette Stadium – the first time in its 133 year history that it will be held in New England. And people that have booked rooms for it are seeing their reservations cancelled.

[A] New Jersey-based travel agency said 60 of its reservations for game weekend were canceled by a hotel management company that needed the rooms to house migrants. ..The properties are part of Giri Hotel Management, which owns 45 hotels across New England, according to the company website.

According to the Governor’s office, any service members needing rooms on game weekend can see assistance from the state’s Executive Office of Veterans’ Services.

As with the Biden administration and the wall at the southern border, the median voter theorem holds. There are Massachusetts legislators pushing to require hotels to honor booked reservations rather having those trumped by the state’s Right To Shelter Law. In New York City, where there’s not even an Army-Navy game, Mayor Eric Adams has sought a suspension of his city’s Right To Shelter Law.

I believe we should have substantially more immigration to the United States than we do today. Our immigration laws are broken, and our administration of those laws are broken. It can take years to obtain an interview for a U.S. visa in parts of the world. Remember that migrants are chained to charity when the bureaucracy keeps them from obtaining work authorization.

Any move against illegal immigration should be accompanied by massive reform of the legal immigration system. In the meantime, if we’re going to decide that people who make it here will be treated with compassion, we need to make it easier to build infrastructure to support them, and we should make it easier for them to support themselves.

(HT: Paul H)

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  1. The immigrant issue in this country will never make everyone happy. There a thousand facets to the issue. But one is very clear … American citizens resent dealing with people who don’t speak clear English. May I suggest that the migrants should receive education starting the minute they get here? This needn’t be a monstrous bloated money-wasting federal project, the churches could do it. Anyone could help teach someone our (admittedly convoluted) language. The inflow of migrants will not stop, so we American citizens need to figure out how to make it work.

  2. Did I read this correctly? Cancel confirmed reservations for our veterans and active service members for people here illegally.

  3. People moving to the US are immigrants. A “migrant” is someone who will also leave. Please consider no longer repeating the media-invented term that distorts public perception.

    In this case those people in MA requiring housing from the state are homeless foreigners. That’s the reality of the burden placed on the state, however temporary it is, and whatever is their reason for coming. No one is migrating. None.

  4. Lawyers are the problem. They make overly complex regulations. They turn everything including immigration cases into lengthy litigation. Illegal aliens and migration should be efficiently dealt with. Illegal aliens should be informed of an efficient process to apply for a long term work visa then either granted the visa or deported with a fine.

  5. “Remember that migrants are chained to charity when the bureaucracy keeps them from obtaining work authorization” – those are not migrants. Those are illegals.

    “Any move against illegal immigration should be accompanied by massive reform of the legal immigration system.” – absolutely not. Fix the illegals first, then /consider/ how to expand legal immigration.

    Source: A Legal Immigrant that followed the process. These illegals can just GFTS.

  6. Yes. The term “migrants” is a nice term meaning certain people enter our country, do some labor, make money, take no government benefits (in general) and then return back to their native home.
    These new people are essentially new citizens from central america and Russia, and Pakistan etc.

  7. Whether anyone wants to accept the reality of America’s destruction from within – and those who warn of what IS happening – wake up American’s the DemocRats are ruining America. Don’t take my word for what I say here – just look around at what has and is happening in America since 2020.

  8. “Migrants”??? They’re illegals. Period. With no money who are burdening taxpayers. And kicking people out of hotels they’ve reserved? Egads. That’s insane.
    Locals voted for these morons. Well, here ya go.

  9. I’ve lived in Massachusetts my whole life. The 1983 right to shelter law only applied to families and pregnant women, not homeless individuals. Also, those who came explicitly for benefit are not entitled to it. When it was created they has no idea that a situation like this would cone along. A state rep/senator made a proposal that to be eligible you need to be a legal resident for the past 3 years, which makes sense. Overall it needs to be reformed. Democrats need to get real on the immigration issue, they need to be willing to say no to some people who want to come here and to realize deportations are part of a healthy immigration system. Otherwise it will seriously hurt them in the polls

  10. It doesn’t make sense to “treat them with compassion” when that will just encourage them to come.

  11. Why do we need immigrants? Ok how about a return to the quota system where all people get a fair shake not the same ethnic groups all the time. Now call me a racist! Caucasian people are denied. Know several Caucasian couples who have been trying for years! Also it brings us all down as manufacturing has been sent to China and robots are replacing people. What jobs? The jobs Americans don’t want to do? What skills do they bring but a burden on a broke system. We have enough people here already. But the way this administration went about it allowing hordes to flood in is criminal. It is against his oath of office to protect. We have no idea who we’re letting in. This is no longer about compassion this is an invasion for the same thing is going on in Europe. Let the Third World in become the Third World.

  12. Joanie – You are 100% correct. What is happening to America is the fault of the current DemocRat administration. Look around you and truthfully say that isn’t so….Let that sink in.

  13. What a sickening editorial justification supporting the invading millions who are willfully breaking the laws of the United States and those who fail to prosecute them. Put these transgressors out in some parks or campgrounds. Unfortunately, this is happening too late to cancel the game in Boston and move it elsewhere where the service and hard-won rights of thousands of Americans veterans, active and former, are not violated and disgraced due to the transgressions of unwanted illegals who come in direct disobedience our laws and the government that enables them!!!! Hopefully, the Academies will immediately blackball any entity that displaces us in this manner.

  14. With such late notice, I hope those whose reservations were canceled have other reservations to rely on. I also hope they are made whole for any costs associated with such changes. The people reserving rooms are probably not service members themselves so the government response seems useless.

  15. This is happening all over England. Hundred of hotels around the country taken over by the government to house migrants. And all of the employees replaced by the service company used to manage this accommodation.

  16. These are not immigrants. They are illegal aliens. Homeless foreigners. Nothing surprises me under the Biden presidency. Nothing….. all I ask is what’s next?

  17. bhcompy – No, muppet, there’s no ladder pulling involved. There’s a process. Follow it, as it exists at the time. To do otherwise? You’re criminal trash. Illegals are not migrants.

  18. Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
    With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
    Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
    A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
    Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
    Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
    Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
    The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
    “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
    With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    We’re built off the backs of people who weren’t wanted and had little, people who showed up at our door looking for greener pastures. It’s what has made America great. It’s why we’ve been so successful over the past ~250 years. It saddens me that you are so hateful. I hope you find your way someday

  19. bhcompy – then they can follow the law, or they’re criminals, and you’re advocating for them to be criminals. I’m sorry that being a nation of laws doesn’t matter to you. And shove your stupid poem – I can google too.

    Oh, and I’m a first-gen legal immigrant that followed the law, moron, so no, actually, I’m not built of the back of any of the theoreticals you posit.

    There are legal immigrants, and there are illegal criminal invaders. There are no “migrants”.

  20. Agree with Nancy P.. “Elections have consequences.” These are the same people who voted for the current administration which has decimated our economy, mishandled our military, mishandled our borders, GAVE BACK the $6B to Iran with the stipulation that it be used for “humanitarian reasons only”…yeah…right. And the sad thing is, many of the people, whom I know, who voted for the administration have ties to Israel.

  21. Most of the people in question are not “illegals” or breaking any law.

    1: Even someone who does cross the border illegally has committed one crime at one time and place and is not in some perpetual state of “illegality” no matter what made-up laws and language Trump’s idiot supporters like to apply to the situation.

    2: The majority of recent entrants to the U.S. have used entirely legal processes for applying for asylum as refugees. A huge chunk of them are fleeing the collapse of socialist Venezuela. The U.S. should have invaded and occupied Venezuela 20 years ago to prevent this, but instead here we are.

    You are free to dislike the law that allows refugees to present themselves at the border and apply for asylum status, but stating that the people doing this are “illegal” under the law as presently constituted is simply false.

  22. This is a massive perversion of the international law of asylum. In the context it was written, it meant asylum for individuals personally targeted for persecution by their own government for reasons of race or religion, and refugees fleeing war zones where they are the wrong side. It did not mean fleeing local gangs like we also have in the US, or just being poor and without opportunity to better yourself in your country. Germany started this mess when they accepted Syrians nilly willy without screening who really qualified as a refugee. Was not long before Middle Eastern and North African young men jumped on the bandwagon of asylum because nobody was screening people to send them home. The international law of asylum has been reinterpreted and that interpretation is what needs to change, in order to have legal grounds to starting deporting illegal border crossers on the spot. Until then, we need ten thousand more adminstrative law judges at the border so people can be held for just a few days for a ruling on their case to be made. Most do not really qualify for asylum and can be sent home immediately, not disbursed all over the country waiting years for their case to be ruled on.

  23. Like all of the other posters here, this is the US of A. We must defend our liberty and way of life:

    “Give me convenience or give me death!” – Jello Biafra

  24. Ron Mexico – GFYS. If they’ve gone through four other countries before getting here, they’re not seeking asylum.

  25. Walter, they are following the law. They are awaiting immigration hearings to process their asylum/credible fear claims. Republicans roadblock any immigration spending in Congress so we can’t get any money to add budget for more immigration judges, so here we are. The logjam can be solved, and the people can be processed more quickly, by hiring more judges.

  26. bhcompy – nope, not after they’ve been through five other countries. They’re perverting the law. They’re criminal trash. We don’t need to process more people, we just need to stop them entering. If they’ve been to ANY other country other than their home country, immediate rejection. Solved.

  27. I have read other stories about hotel reservations being cancelled to house “migrants”, they were all debunked, I hope you did soemactual researchand are not just reprinting some right wing tripe.

  28. Once again military service members and their families getting screwed over. My husband and I have wanted to attend the game for years, even looked at tickets this year but couldn’t justify in this economy paying over $500 each minimum for tickets then flights and hotel costs. This military family will definitely make sure we never book a hotel that’s under Giri Hotel management.

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