How Hotel Front Desk Staff Took Revenge On An Entitled Elite Guest

A hotel clerk wrote about taking sweet revenge on an abusive guest. They were an elite member of the chain, staying at a hotel that had recently been reflagged to become a part of it. And they’d made front desk staff cry, with two women working in the morning leaving with smeared makeup.

According to the front desk manager,

We have a major jerk as a guest. This guy is the highest level on the rewards for the hotel chain. He is very demanding and wants free upgrades free this or that and screams anytime he has an interaction with the staff. This guy has made every department call me complaining about him. Now this guy just came to the desk and screamed at these two co-workers until they both were crying.

He was, in other words, a Diamond Guest.

The clerk working the afternoon shift looked up the guest and realized he’s an employee of another hotel in the chain, staying on an employee rate.

  • At most chains, these employee rates don’t qualify for elite benefits, stay credit, or points and that’s baked into the system. Here it was just the rule, but not automatically enforced, and apparently not everyone realized it.

  • Employee rate travelers aren’t supposed to cause problems. (And when employees extend friends and family rates to others, they’re held responsible for their guests’ behavior.)

  • The manager called the hotel where the guest works, and spoke to his General Manager.

    His GM is steaming mad after I described all the stuff this guy has done.” Main switchboard phone rings. I answered, “Hello thank you for calling hotel name, how may I direct your call?” Caller “I want to speak to Entitled Jerks room please.” I replied, “absolutely sir have a nice day.”

The clerk, though, wasn’t done. He called the chain’s loyalty program, “I would like to report someone using reward account while using employee discount on his stay…I bet anything if you dig through this guy’s history you will find all his stays are probably at employee discount.”

Then the clerk… “made a new key for his room without Concierge [lounge] access” since his account and benefits were going to be suspended. Lounge staff were informed. The account was ultimately terminated.

(HT: Paul H)

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  1. Of course somebody has to bring politics into a conversation that has nothing to do with politics, such a sad person.

  2. The political comments make absolutely no sense (here, on FB, X, etc). Best to think of them as bots or anger-merchants, paid to drop little bombs everywhere they troll.

  3. John and Ray – Ask yourselves , why does the truth bother you so much? You know that what I said is true – you see it everywhere, unless, of course, my comment applies to you…

  4. If you’re cheating the system, then don’t draw attention to yourself, especially negative attention.

    And yes I’m sure by the anger of his boss he’s fired! When doing something on the company’s system, you’re a representative of your employer and need to act like the reputation of your company is being viewed through your actions.

  5. David R Miller I am a conservative but your comments have no place regarding this post. Completely irrelevant!

    To this jerk employee who was abusing the system hope you got fired. Karma is a bitch!

  6. CMorgan – I will post the truth whenever I feel it is necessary. You are a conservative in name only – you obviously sit idly saying “tsk tsk”by while these America haters run roughshod ruining American values. Try growing a backbone and standing up for what is right.

  7. Canh’t make this stuff up!

    “This should be the blueprint for dealing with liberal DemocRats everywhere.” — David R Miller

    “John and Ray – Ask yourselves , why does the truth bother you so much? You know that what I said is true..” — David R Miller

    @David R Miller — Considering the spectacle of a rudderless congressional GOP that’s unfolding in DC as we speak and of the party’s “Orange Leader” aka TFG campaigning from various courthouses over the next several months as a 4-times indicted presidential candidate, I hope you would understand why characterizing your mindless statements as “the truth” would cause any sane person to laugh uncontrollably…

  8. Interesting! OK, I am old and generally a lot less assertive than in the old days. At a recent stay in a top tier hotel, my room was not ready even though it was way past check in time. The clerk remarked that I was so patient and kind. I told him that, even if it were not the right thing, I might scream and swear, if I thought it would advance my cause but that I did the math and it could only hurt. I also told him of a high end hotel that once gave me a free drink when my room wasn’t ready and the voucher was PRE PRINTED! He gave me and my wife free drinks so there’s that.

    I’ve been to this hotel quite a few times plus my theory is, that it’s good to be known, but not if you are Mr. Pain in the Ass!

    On the employee rate thing, I have a cousin who works for a chain and he has given me Friends and Family rates but somehow I get his status and have had expensive breakfasts, really late checkouts and snack room access.

  9. Gary – I have been following you for years. You know me – we have been in touch many times. You do all of us a disservice by not deleting obnoxious, off-topic posts that are only meant to rile people up and piss them off. In the end, it’s YOUR blog. There is simply no reason for you not to edit noxious comments out. Rant over.

  10. I completely agree with Stephen S. Regardless of anyone’s personal viewpoint, it’s all completely off-topic.

  11. David R. Miller says:
    Who just lost speaker of the house? A Republican
    Who is in numerous courts because he is a CROOK? A Republican
    Which House was NOT able to pass a simple budget? A Republican.

    Guess those in Glass House should stop throwing boulders.

  12. @tomri and that is just this week. The fighting and imbreding in that party is going to make the Democrat part the only party in the USA

    They are as bad as this employee stealing things that do not belong to them. Give Nancy her office back

  13. Agree with Steven S ,

    This is just a cesspool of nonsense: We come here for travel tips/stories (and gladly reward him by clicking on links to sign up for “whatever” is offered, if needed) However, it seems like Gary’s ok with the lame postings of random morons using this as their own town square to vent (incoherently)

    hundreds of other non-political travel sites. I’m done here.

  14. “At most chains, these employee rates don’t qualify for elite benefits, stay credit, or points and that’s baked into the system. Here it was just the rule, but not automatically enforced, and apparently not everyone realized it.”

    Really? That’s certainly not the case with Marriott or Hilton. Explore and Team Member rates qualify for status, benefits, credit, upgrades (lol – I know) the same as anyone else.

    Also, a rank-and-file desk agent cannot call the parent company’s loyalty program and get an account held/deleted/frozen, etc. It doesn’t work that way. They do not have the juice to make that happen. 100% BS to say otherwise.

  15. “Also, a rank-and-file desk agent cannot call the parent company’s loyalty program and get an account held/deleted/frozen, etc.”

    True but that is not what the story implied

  16. Wow, mean guy gets his comeuppance. Cool story Bro!

    Now maybe some new or analysis that’s useful to someone?

  17. As an employee of two different chains this happens often! We will call and report you and have your employee benefits revoked. Once we do this you might as well quit because you will never get it back I have this this more than once and I have cut off a friend who this this under my account while at a resort.

  18. I currently operate a medium sized hotel management company. I will tell you that without fail, if a guest made one of our employees cry, diamond member, super duper platinum diamond whatever, they’d be either out of our door by choice or with a police escort if necessary. The worst that will happen to us is $70 for a Corp reply and maybe $50 in points. Almost all properties are flagged franchises, they’re not giving up our franchise fees and commissions because a few dozen “special” members get mad. I care far more about my employees. As for Mr. Miller, caution in how you express your opinions at a hotel desk. I can guarantee you you’ve had hotel rooms with TVs that don’t work, toilets with issues, and a lumpy bed. It isn’t accidental. The PMS alerts clerks of any issues with rooms in the hotel, but it doesn’t stop them from assigning them, and trust me, they do.

  19. Oh so we’re doing multiple BS articles today then Gary.

    So a recently reflagged property and this girl somehow managed to look him and locate his own workplace.

    Staff leaving with mascara running – coz any girl or woman isn’t going to go and clean that up immediately afterwards.

    An employee who, as you well know and referenced, managed to somehow get elite status without it flagging on any of the 10s of times he stayed to so as to earn said status and at a staff rate as well.

    FML it’s just slightly sad and ever so pathetic that you even bother uploading these posts which a pre-schooler would spot the BS radiating from let alone someone whose, supposed, to be an industry expert

  20. @Gary, get off the Reddit stories! They are suspect at best. You are better than this drivel. It’s your second nonsense article today!

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