How The King Of Thailand Is Self-Quarantining (He Isn’t Even In Thailand)

Thailand was the first country outside of China with a confirmed COVID-19 patient. It’s generally considered to have done well containing the virus, currently reporting just 1245 total cases, though I’m skeptical of testing and reporting at least outside of Bangkok.

The King of Thailand also must be skeptical, because he’s quarantined himself in Germany where there are over 56,000 cases. King Maha Vajiralongkorn has rented out the entire Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl to isolate himself “with his harem of 20 women and his servants.”

The 67-year-old Thai King, a regular in Germany already, often residing in his $12 million mansion at Lake Starnberg, has been spotted enjoying the facilities of the luxury hotel, riding his bike outside with several of the women in his harem.

Most hotels in the country are closed. This property neslted in the Alps received a special permit to house the Thai king.

Reports are that the king sent 119 staff back to Thailand with suspected COVID-19. He didn’t want the virus anywhere near him, but was comfortable having them in Bangkok.

While criticizing the Thai king violates the country’s lese majeste laws (punishable by up to 15 years of prison), #WhyDoWeNeedAKing has trended in social media “used more than 1.2 million times in 24 hours.” The nation’s Minister of Digital Economy and Society warned that if this “causes damage” that lese majeste would be forced.

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  1. Shamefully, his royal family is ranked as the top richest monarchy in the world, not a Middle Eastern or European monarchy. Totally contrary to and incompatible with Buddhist teaching. Time to revolutionize the country, modify the constitution and abolish the monarchy. Thailand is notorious for being a “red light” country, especially where western males can engage in sexual acts with minor with impunity.

  2. As an American I will refrain from criticizing other countries until we exit our glass house this November.

  3. @globetrotter…not all westerners are paedos..I resent your idiotic comment…engage brain next time before writing anything….I don’t know how the Thais can live on 5k from the government..perhaps their king in apparent exile can send some of his huge amount of money their way

  4. @Pete You have no problem criticizing your own country though. Typical America hating leftist. Blame Trump for everything, first his response early on to corona was too extreme, now it’s not enough…and it’s all his fault. TDS is real. But something tells me you and your leftist pals will be disappointed in November. The only question is, will you leftists throw a tantrum and riot?

    @Gary what you wrote is probably enough to get you locked up in Thailand. I wouldn’t recommend you visit ever again. You’re absolutely on the watch list now.

  5. How do you dare to write down all those fake news about our King.

    He is living in Thailand right now and quarantine as we are almost help each other to go through this situation.

    You don’t even know how do you judge.

  6. Ah. Of course when someone who isn’t named Trump criticises America they hate the country. But Fuhrer Trump can do so.
    Why are Trumpettes like @WR2 so full of horse poop?
    Just have the balls to admit you want a fascist nation. After all you don’t mind when Trump tramples over the Constitution.

  7. @747 Name a President in the last two hundred years who hasn’t trampled over the Constitution, and I’ll show you how you’re wrong. In addition, most of our Congress Critters violate our Constitution every time they vote. Especially when it comes to the Bill of Rights and Article I Section VIII.

  8. @WR2 Trump didn’t act too extreme but plain wrong after the beginning of the pandemic. The lack of testing in the early stages is the reason why you are where you are now and there is no way these past mistakes can be made undone.

  9. @Scott. Why are you arguing with the WIMPY Anti-American Socialist 747always? You cannot take the brain of anyone that calls other people “full of horse poop” seriously. Only someone with the maturity of a 3 year old would make such a comment.

  10. Ever noticed where Corona has hit hardest in America? Seems to be in Democrat strongholds like New York, California, and Washington. What is the correlation?

  11. @Aloha Dave – the correlation is the largest number of people coming in from foreign countries, so the initial contamination vector. They’ve also had a higher % of tests to population.

    Have you also noticed that the fastest growing number of cases are in Red States? 9 out of 10 of the highest rates are in states went for Trump in 2016 What’s the correlation there?

  12. @AlohaDaveKennedy – oh, I dunno, direct flights from China, Italy, Spain… dense population centers often with public transit…

  13. This is the guy who made his pet dog ( a poodle called Foo-Foo) an Air Vice Marshall in the Air Force.

  14. The so-called “King” is a clown and everyone laughs at this Loser. I always painted a funny mustache on the Thai money of this idiot. F-him!

  15. “He is nothing like his father. Hope he croaks….”

    A+ trolling

    And millions of Thais are hoping for the same

  16. Fun historical trivia : His grandfather, King Chulalongkorn is said to have had 151 wives and consorts. This was before television of course.

  17. @wr2&ojs -1
    Often being in Thailand I have to laugh at how the Thais venerate their King. Their previous King was a good man but the current one…meh.

  18. I’m pretty sure it is widespread in thailand. They are not testing is why their numbers are down. If they really had the low numbers they claim then there would be no reason for him to hide in Germany with much much higher numbers. He would have access to high end medical care in Thailand just like in Germany. He is hiding in Germany because he knows its spreading through Thailand at a high rate and they are keeping it from the people there. This guy is no king. The military is in control.

  19. Such as propogadostic lies appears, it clearly says that enemies of Thailand have totally nothing to say about the king. Proof of it is removal my comment by you.
    No objective, no logics, no facts covered by negative emotions calling for hate. Welcome to “colorful” world where we have Gene Sharp and his book.
    Does not matter he in bkk or germany it would never affect to outbreak at all.

  20. @Ronnie Wan

    I’m calling BS. If you drew a mustache on the Thai King no Thai would accept the currency, but they would call the police and you’d sit in jail.

  21. @Rog. Let me get this straight. While you are in Thailand, you are secretly mocking Thai tradition. This is how foreigners get a bad reputation in Thailand.

  22. It was once rumoured – very strongly – that he is HIV-positive, and he bases himself in Germany because he gets the best treatment there. Before he went there, he was being treated by America’s top HIV doctor who flew to Bangkok every 3 months to see him. A good enough reason to flee the country like a gutless coward and leave the peasants to fend for themselves.

  23. @ pjs I don’t mock Thais. Many Americans live in Siam without any problems. However, I do mock Chump but that’s easy to do.

  24. As for the question of quality medical care in Thailand people come from all over the world seeking care at Bumrungrad, Siriraj and other hospitals in Thailand.
    Police are actually stopping cars at roadblocks to check peoples condition.. You currently can not go anywhere in Bangkok without someone checking your temperature. Air travel is limited and people are discouraged from leaving Bangkok to avoid spreading infection to home provinces.
    Vajiralongkorn spent most of his time in Germany before he was king so it is nothing new for him to be there instead of in Thailand.
    Since the Constitutional Monarchy was established in 1932 the King is relegated to ceremonial duties, not governmental. (It pays very, very well though). Being one of the richest men in the world he need not flee Thailand for medical care.
    Concerning another spurious claim I am sick of hearing: I personally know an American who was sentenced to 27 years in Thai prison for sex with a child. It is definitely not condoned. When i heard I couldn’t believe he was that stupid.

  25. Funny. When I was in Thailand last year, the king’s photo was on billboards and huge posters stretched across entire buildings, and we were told numerous times he’s considered a god.
    Guess he’s not all that powerful a god, huh?

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