How To Earn Rewards In Two Different Programs At Once For The Same Credit Card Charge

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Reminder that you can double dip on card linked offers that run on different networks… for instance,

    I dined at a restaurant that participates in both Rewards Network (MileagePlus Dining) and Google Pay cashback and activated the Google Pay cashback offer, and both MP Dining and Google Pay cashback processed. The Google Pay cashback runs on Rakuten Card Linked Offer Network (RCLON), which apparently stacks with Rewards Network.

  • American Express Files Trademark Applications for Metaverse and NFT Logos Chase already has a lounge in the metaverse complete with Jamie Dimon’s portrait.

  • A man thought he was staying in a Miami Airbnb. He was in the wrong house (WaPo)

  • American Airlines London Heathrow catering.

  • Hyatt’s new Alila Kothaifaru Maldives, ostensibly opening in May, was briefly available for making reservations. Then they took it down. Should be more broadly bookable very soon.

  • Shannon Airport drops 100 ml liquid rule but that means U.S.-bound flights will require liquid checks at the gate, so you can’t buy bottled water in the airport and bring it on the plane.

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  1. Seeing as Shannon has preclearance for US flights, those depart from a segregated area, so couldn’t the check be done when entering that area then you could be free to buy any more liquids within the preclearance departure area?

  2. @Johosofat – That is probably the answer. I haven’t been through Shannon, but have been through Dublin several times. There is the regular security area followed by duty free. Anything purchased in duty free is placed in a sealed bag. US pre-clearance then follows, and another duty free area is available after that. Convenient for those who don’t want to declare a lot of alcohol going through customs, although the big secrets are – 1. It’s often cheaper to buy before the airport and just pack in your luggage. 2. The duty on imported alcohol over the duty-free limit is actually really low. The only thing duty-free is good for is getting bottles not generally available elsewhere.

  3. Add-In article for the round-up: this week’s MtM Vegas video — Vegas room cleanliness. Viewer discretion advised.

    Gary, you have been vindicated regarding your concerns. A guest at one Vegas hotel videos the absolutely disgusting condition of his room. Shawn and Mark note that room cleanliness is a significant and pervasive problem in Las Vegas . . . even at the high-end properties.

    Vegas? Never again.

  4. I just learned that Google Pay Cashback no longer stacks with Rewards Network. Both transactions were tracked, but Google clawed back the cashback before it posted. They must have found out I used Rewards Network.

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