HUGE DEAL: Through Sunday Only Up to 73,000 British Airways Points for Under 3/4ths of a Cent Each

Through March 5 Only you can earn 150 British Airways Avios per dollar joining a dating site.

This means buying BA points at 2/3rds of a cent apiece. This doubles the usual good deal.

The British Airways online shopping portal is offering 150 Avios per dollar spent with

Since you earn points only on first-time subscriptions, you want the biggest purchase possible — $274.25 for 41,138 Avios for $0.0067 per point.

One Mile at a Time points out that eHarmony is offering 130 points per dollar under this deal, and that’s almost as good. Sign up for a 12-month $251.40 subscription for 32,682 Avios or $0.0077 apiece.

There’s about 73,000 Avios available for $525.

I value British Airways points at 1.2 cents apiece so I should be taking advantage of this. I don’t have need for a dating memberships and can’t really donate them to charity to reduce my cost basis either. I only worry about raising concerns from my wife.

British Airways First Class

But I’d rather buy Avios at less than a penny each than transfer them from a Chase Ultimate Rewards account, I definite value the signup bonus and points I earn from my Chase Sapphire Preferred Card at more than this (in fact I value them at 1.9 cents each).

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  1. There’s also the risk of the points not posting, or somehow being clawed back, which is a bit scary when your spending hundreds of dollars.

    That said, has anyone actually done this? Would it be necessary to actually “do something” at to get the points?

  2. Don’t expect these to post, they’ll claim different channel. Friend had that happen with 75% Cashback, he signed up and got $0 back and no one could do anything to help him

  3. You’re really late to posting this deal. Certainly is dead by now.. 12 or so hours later … really hope they post for everybody. I don’t really see any out here for them

  4. I suppose you can sign up multiple match accounts under the same BA account and thus earn as many avios as you wish via this promotion? Afterall, it’s just a shopping portal and I am sure you can buy match memberships for your friends as well…

  5. Hi
    in you vast experience, has this promotion ever been honored.?

    I saw one in Oct, very similar.

  6. I paid $572, but just got an email from British Airways confirming that I will receive only 34,184 Avios. WTH?

  7. @Stuart – Can you elaborate on the email you received? BA normally doesn’t send emails stating the points you will earn on transactions. I’m wondering if it is some special email they are sending to stem the tide of sign ups. Also I spent similar yesterday but have received nothing like that.

  8. @Rob while I never have gotten an email from BA some folks do (I wonder if it is country dependent or something else). Even if you did not get an email check the BA shopping portal. My points are pending from match but only for the base subscription not any of the add-ons.

  9. @Rob
    From the email:
    Pending Avios

    Our merchant US has informed us that you made a transaction with them on 02-Mar-17, and as a result the allocated Avios are pending.

    Retailer: US Pending Avios: 34184
    Thanks for shopping with British Airways

  10. @Stuart Waldman – Are you in CO by any chance? I paid the same $472 with CO’s ridiculously greedy tax rate. Denver suburb.

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