Hyatt Credit Card Elite Status Offer Extended

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The World Of Hyatt Credit Card

Loyalty programs need to work hard to engage members when they aren’t traveling. That keeps the programs relevant and top of mind. And given the important role co-brand credit cards play, it helps keep the programs top of wallet, too.

When American AAdvantage extended elite status they also made credit card spend count towards million mile elite status, so spend on their cards for instance will count towards becoming lifetime Gold, lifetime Platinum, or earning additional confirmed upgrades at the 3 million mile level and beyond.

Hyatt extended elite status for next year and their program has built-in incentives to keep staying and spending with the program because every 10 elite nights earns rewards between 10 and 100 qualifying nights and because ssend on the World Of Hyatt Credit Card counts towards elite status.

Hyatt and Chase, their co-brand card partner, have juiced things a bit so that getting the card helps more towards elite status. The offer was set to expire June 30 but has been extended to August 31.

Bonus Elite Nights For New Credit Card Customers

To encourage people to get the World Of Hyatt Credit Card Hyatt will give 10 elite qualifying nights – instead of the usual five – to new cardmembers who apply by June 30, 2020.

Spend Towards Status While Earning Better And Better Rewards

The World Of Hyatt Credit Card has an initial offer is to earn up to 50,000 Bonus Points – 25,000 Bonus Points after you spend $3,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. Plus an additional 25,000 Bonus Points after you spend a total of $6,000 on purchases within the first 6 months of account opening.

The card comes with an annual free category 1-4 night and an additional category 1-4 free night after $15,000 in spend each cardmember year.

If you apply and are approved by August 31 you receive 10 elite nights. Meet spend for the bonus and to earn the category 1-4 free night after $15,000 spend and you’ll have 16 elite nights.

You’ll want to keep going because,

  • At 30 nights you’ll receive another category 1-4 free night, 2 confirmed club access awards, and Explorist status
  • At 40 nights you can choose from 5000 points or a $100 Hyatt gift card
  • At 50 nights you receive 2 confirmed suite upgrades
  • Then at 60 nights, Globalist status (upgrades including suites at check-in, complimentary breakfast or club lounge access, 4 p.m. late checkout) along with a designated Hyatt Concierge, 2 suite upgrade awards, and a category 1-7 free night

There’s no better time to leverage the World Of Hyatt Credit Card for Hyatt elite status if you’re able. I’m using my Hyatt card now to stock up on confirmed suite nights, even though my Globalist status has been extended already.

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  1. […] The card lets you get automatic World of Hyatt Discoverist status for as long as your account is open and 5 qualifying night credits toward your next tier status every year and also earn 2 qualifying night credits towards your next tier status every time you spend $5,000 on your card. Plus if you’re approved for the card this month you get extra credit towards elite status. […]


  1. @ Gary — This doesn’t do much good if you are already Globalist and have, say 15 elite nights today, and want to hit 60 for the year (for the TSUs). That would require $75,000 spend in 2.5 months. This promo doesn’t seem well thought out for existing Globalist members. It certainly won’t motivate me to move any spending. AMEX Blue Biz at 2 pts/$ seems like a much better place to put spend.

  2. I just sent a message to Chase about this offer, even though I can’t find a link to it, asking them to match it. I only have Discoverist via the card so I view this as a great opportunity to get Globalist on the cheap, if I can qualify for it.

  3. June 30 is shortsighted esp. since there won’t be much if any travel before then.

    Should go through EOY.

  4. @UA-NYC – very smart! am impressed you figured that one out. I never thought you had a brain.

  5. @Emmanuel – shocked that you put together a full sentence for a change! That’s not like you…

  6. Perfect time to use the card to pay off the 2019 tax bill and prepay the 2020 tax bill. The convenience charge (~1.9%) bites but is made up with points and elite qual nites.

  7. The spend offer for additional elite nights isn’t much use if current elite status has already been extended to 2022

  8. The premise of spending to obtain status seems to merely enrich the card carrier and the adjunct hotelier. Some status upgrades coming with the card or merely prepaying for status seems much more direct. Some airlines and hotels already provide elite status for a fee.

  9. Gary, is there a link to the offer that mentions the 5 additional elite nights at sign up?

  10. Click bait garbage. Nothing new at all. Who cares about the 1 extra elite night credit. Stupid stuff.

  11. I cancel the old Hyatt card and see no point in getting this one, especially now. Some may have travel needs that this could help but for the vast majority of people it does nothing. The free night was difficult to use in the past due to the category limitation and the small footprint Hyatt has.

    I don’t have any issues with Hyatt generally but this card isn’t worth the small AF.

  12. This will cause me to make 1Q and 2Q estimated tax payments in June, even though not due until July 15.

  13. “If you apply and are approved by June 30 you receive 10 elite nights. Meet spend for the bonus and to earn the category 1-4 free night after $15,000 spend and you’ll have 19 elite nights.”

    I want to make sure I understand the statement taken from your article. I just received the card. I received only 5 elite nights. The 10 elite nights are not automatic correct? I received 5 elite nights and if I spend the 15,000 by June 30th that would be 3 elite nights for each 5,000 spent. 3×3=9 . 9 + 5 equals 14. What am I missing?

  14. So I spent $10,000. on April 15th but only 4 nights posted. Does anyone know if the bonus ones are supposed to post at a later date?

  15. “Perfect” seems generous. I don’t think it’s the perfect time to spend money. It’s a better time to invest it with dollar cost averaging.

  16. @Gary can you clarify or check with Chase when the nights would post? Like others, I’ve only gotten 5. A few have also pointed out there doesn’t seem to be a publicly available offer with the wording that guarantees these nights.

  17. @Carlos – the extra elite nights (1) are on a separate counter, since it’s based on spend within the promotion period, the nights aren’t earned at the same time as regular elite nights and don’t post at the same time, and (2) post after the end of the promo period

  18. I had a lot of travel in January and February so this is a big help.

    It will get me to 50 nights and 2 TSUs. I got $100 gift card recently for the 40 night award. I’m considering using this card for the rest of the year to help hit 60 nights and the additional 2 TSUs. The one thing Hyatt did that was disappointing is they did not extend the current years TSUs beyond the normal expiration date (2/28/21) and I’d like to have some fancier travel in June 2021.

  19. As Hyatt status has been extended through 2021, does anyone know if 2020 stays count toward 2021 qualification (for status through 2022).

    Just wondering if my 2020 nights matter, as I am no longer concerned about re-qualifying this year, but am concerned about 2022 status.

  20. Your link does not go to an offer that includes 10 (instead of 5) elite qualifying nights. No matter how hard I doing on the page you link to, I can only ever see 5 elite qualifying nights.

  21. Still isn’t compelling. Like, 3 nights for $5k is an insanely slow way to earn status. I only have 20 nights this year.

  22. With business travel dead until Q4 (best case), I will probably coast into 30 nights, take my Cat 4 free night for next year, and then just start Glob qualifying from scratch 1/1/21 (still w/two TSUs to use)…no sense spending/staying for any of the Milestone Rewards IMO.

  23. Did they also extend from June 30 to August 31 the earning of three elite night credits for every $5,000 spent?

  24. Yes, please clarify if they’ve extended the extra qualifying night for the 5k spend, making it 3 nights for 5k instead of 2. Article is ambiguous at best on that matter.

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