Hyatt Regency Boston No Longer Wants To Be A Hub For Prostitution

Over the summer I wrote about a woman meeting a guy on Tinder, inviting him back to the Hyatt Regency, and then tasing him. As I noted at the time,

I’ve been together with my wife for almost 20 years. But from what I can remember of my dating life, I was metarational enough to realize that if a woman I’d just met invited me up to her room after 30 minutes in the lobby of a Hyatt Regency, in the morning without any alcohol involved, we weren’t going there for the reason I hoped we were going there.

Little did I realize that the Hyatt Regency Boston has apparently become notorious as a hub for prostitution, and the tasering incident prompted the property to do something about it after “at least 70 incidents involving sex for pay at the hotel over the past six months” according to the Boston police department in a licensing hearing.

A manager at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Avenue de Lafayette says he’s stepped up security over the past two months following two incidents, one in which a man said he was tasered and robbed by a woman he’d hooked up with over Tinder, the other in which a particularly dexterous prostitute managed to remove $4,000 in cash from a man’s wallet even as she performed fellatio on him.

Credit: Hyatt Regency Boston

The latter incident with ‘realsexbarbie’ as she’s known on the Cash App is most striking for its pure dexterity because “the only time [the wallet] had been out of his reach – but within hers – was during the act itself.” In order to minimize future incidents they’ve hired the security director away from the Sheraton Boston and added a second night guard to their staff.

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  1. More like Bone Us Journeys, amiright?

    Hope those sex workers are getting double elite night credits and 3x points through Feb 28. I wonder if they get the business or personal Hyatt credit card?

  2. If prostitution is legalized, this tasering would still happen but, as a percentage, would be less common because people who don’t have criminal thinking would be prostitutes. More ordinary daughters would get into it.

    More men would see prostitutes because it would be legal.

    More foreigners would come to the US to be prostitutes because many American women wouldn’t want to do it, at least , not enough to meet demand. This is why London has so many Eastern European prostitutes and Singapore has mostly non-Singaporean prostitutes. I know this because I saw it on TV so it must be true.

    There would still be tax evasion because many transactions would be in cash.

  3. I did a mattress run at a few Marriotts in New York City during the pandemic and after a couple stays it became clear that the crazy low prices had attracted all the stuff (such as prostitution) that usually goes on at scary cheap New York hotels into the mainline hotels.

    What I learned: when overall hotel prices are very cheap, make sure the Marriott you are staying in is at least $15 or $20 more than the cheapest Marriott.

  4. This is one of the annoying hotels that chooses to assess a ‘destination fee’. You can make your own joke now …

  5. You forgot to mention the recent murder at this hotel. Not sure if it was related to prostitution.

  6. We need to declare war on prostitution so we can prevent this depravity in the future. Just like we did with the war on drugs, crime, poverty, homelessness, terror & covid. All gone. Victory parade!

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