Quick Review: Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort And Spa

The Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort & Spa is just outside of San Antonio. It’s often talked about in conjunction with the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa – less than two hours away, and outside of Austin. Neither are peak luxury, but both are very good family-friendly activities-based fun properties. And both potentially offer a lot of value to top tier Hyatt elites.

I just spent a couple of nights at Hyatt Regency Hill Country. I live in Austin, so you might expect me to head out to the Lost Pines property for a sort-of staycation. But it wasn’t the resort we were after as much as a great jumping off point for SeaWorld San Antonio, which is basically across the street.

The hotel is a category 5, so 17,000 – 23,000 points per night. For a mid-week stay in summer rooms were in the low $200s, so not a great use of points. And on just a two night stay I didn’t want to burn a confirmed suite. So I paid the room rate and spent 6000 points per night to confirm a suite at booking – something any Hyatt member can do (even transferring points into Hyatt from Chase or Bilt).

Entrance Sign

On a points stay this 500 room property waives the resort fee. And for Globalists on points valet parking charges are waived. Using points to confirm the upgrade I was told at check-in that since this was a ‘part points stay’ they’d waive parking.

As you enter the property guests are checked off against a list, then given a parking pass for the dash so they aren’t stopped at the entry gate on future trips into the property.

Self-parking is an easy walk to the hotel, and they have staff in golf carts bringing people over complimentary. We actually just self-parked (this was complimentary for us as well).

And of course breakfast was complimentary. I was told to just bill the restaurant breakfast to the room with no limit and it would come off of the bill.

Here’s the breakfast menu.

Removal of charges didn’t happen automatically, and charges were on my folio but the front desk took them off without my having to ask. (That’s why I didn’t use online check-out.)

The hotel, built in 1993, certainly needs a refresh but the good news is that it’s getting one. In fact some of the hotel’s room inventory was closed off for this. However the property is very Texas hill country as reflected by the name.

The overarching thing I have to say about the hotel is that it had some of the friendliest staff I’ve ever encountered, and this was absolutely uniform across everyone I interacted with from the moment of check-in until we left. We received daily housekeeping automatically.

My complaints about the hotel:

  • No club lounge (that had closed long before the pandemic, so isn’t something I’d expect to return)
  • Awful wifi in my room, it was slow and wouldn’t stay connected. It worked elsewhere on the property. That may have been specific to my room’s location then.
  • Room service – which was offered, a plus! – is the paper and plastic treatment from the hotel restaurant, and only ok at best. Technically they only offer room service during breakfast or dinner but were happy to run something up during the between hours, and we could have done pickup. Here’s the lunch menu from the restaurant.

In addition to the friendly staff and value for a Globalist, the highlight of the hotel would be the (heated) pools and water slide – especially in my view the lazy river.

Our suite itself was adequate, and perfect for the three of us traveling together. As I say the room, like the property, is a bit dated though this should be changing.

Here’s the living room of the suite. We were on the third floor in room 3101, just around the corner from the elevator. The living room had a foldout couch which was made up for our daughter.

There was one bathroom just off the entrance to the room.

And here’s the bedroom.

The room featured a large balcony, with sliding doors from both the bedroom and living room. Oddly it was not separated from the rooms to the left, so people from other rooms can walk by your window. The lock on the door from the bedroom was broken (it stayed locked, though).

Given the proximity to SeaWorld (which our daughter absolutely loves) we’ll certainly return to Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort.

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  1. No Coca Cola!!?? I’m out!

    Is there no Coca Cola at all Hyatt properties? I haven’t stayed in one in quite some time…..

  2. I haven’t been to this property since Covid but I’ve had many enjoyable stays at the Hyatt Hill country. Always great staff and a pretty decent golf course (27 holes) as well.

  3. That part of Texas seems to be a little too far south to be considered
    a part of the “Hill Country.”

  4. So for a Globalist which would you prefer – Hill Country or Lost Pines? We would be driving down from Dallas. Club Lounge would be a great preference.

  5. Wi-Fi at Hyatt’s nationwide lag the competition. It’s pretty bad. I just use my hotspot at most of them

  6. I’ve enjoyed my stays at this property, but why would you pay for a resort if you were going to be spending the day at Sea World? Wouldn’t something less expensive like a Hyatt Place be a more logical choice for such a visit?

  7. Chopsticks maybe so he could review the place? It is his job. And spoil the wife and child? Or/and spoil himself? He’s getting old. Never saw a hearse with a luggage rack. Time to enjoy!

  8. @chopsticks – being directly across the street is super helpful when you’re with a 4 year old, not spending the entire day there, we take breaks especially in > 100 degree heat. the lazy river was fantastic!

  9. Until very recently, it was a Cat 4 so we were able to burn three certificates there in March.

    We also stayed there fifteen years earlier (fun fact–we were there on the exact date 15 years ago).

    The hotel is just starting a renovation–it’s going to take awhile. It looks like no money has been put into the place since we were there 15 years ago. Everything looked very dated–sad in a way.

    Got one of the more interesting hotel upgrades we’ve ever had–we were upgraded to a standard suite the day of check-in in the morning (saw it on the app), and then downgraded again to a standard room at check-in. After about 20 awkward minutes of looking for availability, the front desk put us in a huge multi-room premium suite with three full baths and a dining room table for my wife and myself.

  10. Looks okay for the price 🙂 I would, however, recommend you (and others) to watch a documentary about Seaworld’s business practices and how they treat those poor animals. I’m an unhealthy, meat eating, non-animal loving Republican (who has been to Seaworld several times), and I would never, ever give those folks another cent. Texas is such a fantastic place with so much natural beauty and wild animals, so no real need to visit Seaworld 🙂 Just my two cents. Thanks for the review and keep up the good work! 🙂

  11. Funny thing. I worked for Hyatt hotels during college. At the time we carried both Coke and Pepsi products. Yes, guests had a choice. This was back in the very early nineties.

  12. Good review. I’ve often wondered about these two Hyatt resorts. I just stayed at the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach. As Gary wrote about Hyatt Hill Country, Hyatt Newport Beach could also use some major renovations but the staff were always helpful and friendly . . . and they have Coca Cola. Room rate $400+ per night or 12,000 Hyatt points.

  13. Oh Lukas! You slay me with your conservative comedy routine!
    You’re a meat eating R who has visited SW SEVERAL times and NOW you’ve had enough! Something about mistreating the salt water cows on their range? I’m sure you intensely discussed this with your meat eating buddies as you blew away “trash” animals with your; bazookas/M16’s/AK47’s for sport on someone’s cousins uncles friends ranch spread. If it never happened?
    Well good for you! Or maybe you’re just to poor to hang out with the “cool Republicans.” (read “What’s the Matter With Kansas” to understand the poors reaction fascists.
    Want to be concerned about abused animals? Try the factory meat processing plants that bring you that
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    My sister is applying to be an Orca at Sea World. Hey, they get fed constantly!
    Poor Moms who the Republicans forced to give birth to those “precious” bundles don’t get squat in food aid.

    So keep worrying about the wrong cows. At least you got to visit Sea World SEVERAL times before you had your epiphany. My sister has never been. Too busy raising unwanted “precious ” bundles without help from the fascists who ORDERED IT.

  14. I hope the resort updates the rooms to queen beds (instead of double beds). In my opinion, that’s the major downside for families who stay in “regular” rooms.

  15. @Nancy
    Currently here now and refreshed rooms do have 2 queens vs 2 doubles now.
    Our room still has random painters tape they missed removing, but a great refreshed room all the same.

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