If This Flight Attendant Gets Furloughed She Can Always Join The Circus

Last summer a Southwest Airlines flight attendant greeted boarding passengers from inside a bin, scaring some of them, with a video that was posted to Facebook. But surprising passengers in an overhead bin is one thing – you climb up on a seat back and stuff yourself in. What this flight attendant is able to do is truly next level:

It’s a good thing this video wasn’t taken on United Airlines, because that carrier is cracking down on flight attendants posting photos of themselves inside overhead bins (and also sitting in engine cowlings). I don’t imagine – in an era in which airlines are looking for any excuse to fire workers – that this would go over well at Willis Tower.

It’s also good that this isn’t a new interior American Airlines plane with no seat back video and larger overhead bins, because those bins have a trick to closing.

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  1. Oh Gary… you tried it. What’s the point of your last sentence? Videos screens or not, it’s not related to the post, and those bins shown also have a trick to close them easily, just differently than the new bins.

  2. WHY would you post this and give an airline a reason to discipline a F/A who might soon lose their job due to furloughs? I get that it’s cute and impressive and fun, but airlines are looking for any reason to discipline and reduce headcount.

    Why don’t you stick to other topics like gaming the mileage system instead of snitching on front liners who don’t have the luxury of job security?

  3. @Annoyed crewmember – it has already been viewed over 280,000 times, shared in facebook aviation groups, I hardly ‘outed’ this flight attendant

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