Instant Hyatt Explorist Status and Fast Track to Globalist For Employees of Various Companies

Hyatt used to be super generous with elite status matches. If you had a pulse they’d give you 90 days of Diamond status including confirmed suite upgrades, and an expedited path to keep that status.

No doubt they brought over a lot of great members with the offer, but they also picked up plenty of people who just wanted to have that one special trip (honeymoon, anniversary) but transferring in Chase points, booking a cash and points redemption, and applying a suite upgrade to it. Probably at the Andaz Maui or Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris.

Andaz Maui

They’ve gotten a lot tighter about being willing to do any form of status match except where it’s submitted directly by a hotel, or through a corporate travel program. Hyatt’s corporate trial elite program is publicly available though.

  • Just sign up by November 28 for immediate Explorist status (second from top tier) which will be valid for 90 days.
  • Stay 10 nights during those 90 days to keep status through February 2020. 20 nights during that period gets Globalist till February 2020.

This version of the offer has been available since March. Hyatt has said it’s targeted to specific companies, and that you have to register with a company email address in order to qualify.

Offer only valid for World of Hyatt members who are employed by an entity that has received an invitation from Hyatt for its employees to participate in this offer (any a “Qualifying Entity”). If you are not sure whether you work for a Qualifying Entity, check with your corporate travel manager. To participate, an eligible member must register with his or her valid email address issued by the Qualifying Entity (e.g., business email) …

@HH_Cash excitedly reports that it works, it’s not clear what company’s email address he uses. Your mileage may vary using your work email address, try it your company may be targeted.

Temporary Explorist status doesn’t come with confirmed club lounge certificates. Achieving Globalist status through this offer doesn’t come with confirmed suite upgrades, the category 1-7 free night, or a Hyatt concierge.

By the way this may be one of the most convoluted paths anyone has ever taken to Hyatt’s Explorist status without actually earning it.

This is a long one with multiple matches that I will post individually also but I think illustrates what can be done.

My original intention was to match Marriott Silver to Hilton Silver. In late April I filled out Hilton’s form at with proof of Marriot Silver Status even though the site says it’s only for Gold and Diamond. I got an email saying they weren’t matching silver status but they offered me a challenge for gold–5 stays or 10 nights within 90 days to get Hilton Gold through March 2020.

By early June I had completed 10 nights. I saw La Quinta was status matching so I emailed at and requested a match with Hilton Gold. They took almost a month (June 8 to July 3) to respond but finally gave me Elite (their highest status.)

I immediately connected my LQ account to Wyndham rewards at and was given Wyndham Platinum status (make sure your email on file is the same for both accounts.)

I then signed up for Total Rewards and got matched to Total Rewards Platinum from Wyndham Platinum at which took about a week to process.

Last week I was in Las Vegas and went into MGM Grand to sign up for Mlife Rewards. I asked if they status match with Total Rewards. They asked what status I had and I said Platinum. They had me go see one of the hosts who looked at my TR card, picked up the phone, said some random numbers and muttered “yeah, Gold.” He hung up and said for me to go back to the regular Mlife desk. A minute later they came back with my MLife Gold Card.

After verifying my online Mlife account said Gold also, I went to where I connected my Mlife account to my World of Hyatt account and was automatically upgraded to Hyatt Explorist until Feb 29, 2020.

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  1. Gary,

    Should it be 20 nights? or 20 Stays

    Stay 10 nights during those 90 days to keep status through February 2020. “20 stays” during that period gets Globalist till February 2020.

  2. This crap makes loyal members who don’t work and spend a lot at Hyatt just back away from them.

    I emailed Hyatt and they essentially told me to pound sand

  3. Can I get Hyatt Explorist for 90 days through this fast track offer and then match to MGM M Life Gold for free parking in Las Vegas?

  4. Does the fast-track to Globalist work for current Explorist? Also will the new Globalist receive the suite upgrade certs??

    Obviously great for folks who will have several nights planned over a 90-day span and maybe will revive the debate over mattress runs (worth it?)

    I am almost certain my company participates as we often get popup messages from Concur about these promos.

  5. Is the current offer also extended to current Globalists? If not, who would I reach out to and ask if they would?


  6. Has anyone been successful getting temp. explorist status through this promotion and then status matching directly to MLife gold without going through all the extra La Quinta-Wyndham-Total Rewards hoops?

  7. I signed up for the challenge, was elevated to Explorist for 90 days, completed the required 10 nights, and was promptly downgraded to Discoverist after 90 days despite meeting the challenge requirements. I have since been arguing with 5 different support agents to get the promised Explorist status until Feb 2020. Has anyone experienced the same and resolved this?

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