Irate Woman Goes All Samuel L. Jackson on Passengers Because She Can’t Wait to Get Off Plane

A video was posted Friday of a woman getting very impatient waiting to disembark a flight that had arrived in Denver.

She starts going off on a rant with extreme language, plenty of F-bombs, and sharing the health issues she suffers from.

The woman tells another passenger “Hey, move faster. You’re not handicapped!”

As the video progresses we learn she’s in the middle of her time of the month, which she describes as ‘bleeding all over the place’ and ‘bleeding all over my vagina’ and declares she needs to get herself to a hospital.

Then she goes all Samuel L. Jackson wanting to ‘get the F- off the mother-F’ing plane’.

Now compare to her actual rant and note that both videos contains a whole lot of explicit language.

She announced that she was “gonna pray to God and tell him to calm me down” but it apparently didn’t work. What did work is when crew went on the PA and told her to ‘watch her language’ because of families and children on board, saying “we’ve already called security.”

The woman says, “I’m being respectful now.”

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  1. It is really annoying how long it takes fat Americans to get their fat suit-cases out of the bins and waddle off of planes. It seems just when the line gets moving, someone takes so much time it leaves the aisle ahead wide open with the whole back half of the plane trapped in their seats. This repeats over and over wasting 10-20 minutes just because people can’t or won’t move efficiently or wait until others who know how to exit the plane quickly have done so.

    It occurs to me this is an exact analogy to American today. The fat and ignorant willfully blocking everyone else ready to move ahead. When their imbecile icon Bush didn’t finish his ruin, they made sure this time by turning it over to a con-man psychopath. So what if he blows up the world because that only means Jesus is coming sooner. That’s almost half of your fellow Americans, folks – the Stupidest people on the planet. Watch em waddle up the aisle.

  2. so good !!!! LMAO!
    the best is the guy next to the camerman, trying to hide and to control his laughs :0

  3. I just don’t get it, how quickly some jerks start to record. It is obvious a women is stressed. Why people record anything is beyond me. Maybe, for their own satisfaction.

    However, here is an issue – people really take their time to get off the plane. Once, I flew in the last row of coach, and had to wait probably 20 minutes while I was able to move. People would sit, chat , and without any rush will go after their things in bins, etc, etc. Some people really don’t care that they delay everyone behind them.

  4. Now you know the real reason Frequent Flier mile programs have been devalued. [racist, misogynist comment removed.] Love the laughers in the row, though.

  5. Um, Greg,

    Not sure where you are from, but the US could eat you for breakfast and crap you out before lunch.

    Even if we are not made great again.

  6. The society is responsible for her breakdown, we need to ask ourselves why she hates us. It’s our fault per the mentality of liberal minds from the past 8 yrs.

  7. Best use of an iPhone ever.

    If it had not been recorded so I could view this behavior, I would not have believed it. Total idiot.

  8. @cmk – “Why she hates us”? I don’t hear her saying she hates anyone.
    She does mention that she’s in pain, bleeding heavily and needs to get off to access medical care. I’ve often been astounded and annoyed by how slowly some people are to get their posessions together and move to deplane, while taking up aisle space. And I didn’t even need medical care at the time. That woman so worried about her children hearing swear words could have moved them and herself more quickly – notice the empty aisle space in front of her? – so as to expedite deplaning and avoid hearing those swear words. Hearing a few swear words is Not worse than some of my flying expériences… And, the CO woman urging people to “Move It” was actually kind of funny, despite her being clearly distressed. Flying these days – almost always an expérience…of some sort!

  9. I hope that foul mouthed baboon spents a few nights in jail. If she has bleeding tumors, stay home..dont board a plane and then expect the world to revolve around you. I wish someone would have smacked her in the mouth.

  10. Notice how the fat rednecks like Jeff T use it as their Trump card to veer into racism, reminding us once again how the whole world views us as having been ruined by such sick racism that all progress as a modern nation has been stopped in its steps because hideously fat redneck baboons like Jeff T. don’t want anything shared with those other than pasty white fat hicks.

  11. Actually I’m a very fit redneck…how about you?..are you fat and nasty like the baboon with the fake bleeding tumors??. Flying with ghetto trash, who buy an $80 ticket and think they own the airplane is always good entertainment. So is watching pinheads like you get all butthurt.

  12. Thanks for asking but I’m not dating. But I am still one of the fittest men on the planet after career active duty Special Forces. Guys like me can’t help but notice that the biggest of the right wing bullies are chickenhawks who get our friends killed pushing phony wars – always loudmouth bigots, always sexist pigs, always fat.

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