Is This New Plane Garish, Or Star Spangled Awesome?

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  1. Not a fan of our Republics National Flag being misappropriated AS A PROP to provide credence to commercial entities or presence and legitimacy to nefarious acts, domestic terrorists and illegitimate acts against our Republic. Too many have served and paid the ultimate price in defense of our Nations Flag to have it used as a commercial cheap prop.

  2. @ Gary — My SO received the same (albeit 2 MM) kit a few days ago. While nice, I question the expense by Delta. I would rather have hot meals in F.

  3. hmm Singapore or Qater, can’t quite decide where I’d go first to get my human rights violated

  4. If they can put their dumb rainbow flag on a plane why not the Star Spangled banner? At least that flag stands for something noble.

  5. SWA has a lot of “Patriot” Pilots (I know one, a Q anon devotee if his support of Marjorie Taylor Green is any indication, that says he is willing to protect the border himself with his AK 47)….sad that the American flag has been hijacked to be symbol of some very nutty people in this country.
    I question if SWA is making a “freedom” statement in this way as tacit support for the Governors of Texas and Florida, two of their largest markets.

  6. If you live in the United States and don’t like the flag or the country or the people that started the country please leave so we can let in more people who actually want to live in the Greatest country in human history

  7. Guessing the USWNT won’t flying on that plane anytime soon.

    @John. You are thinking too much and making conspiracy theories at the same time rejecting a conspiracy theory organization.

    @anon. You should try both Singapore and Doha. My vote is Singapore to live in again as I am good with not chewing gum.

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