Islamic State Ceases Non-Essential Business Travel, Jihad Will Have To Take Place Remotely

Many tech companies were early asking employees to work from home. These companies also ratcheted down business travel early. When Amazon grounded employees two weeks ago I thought that was too early but the rest of the world is now catching up.

While U.S. airlines are shrinking their schedules in the face of government restrictions and reduced demand, travel this past week was much stronger than many people realize. Roughly speaking systemwide load factors were in the 60s, meaning that planes were more than half full.

Next week will be worse. Consultants still had to fly home at the end of the week, but most won’t be traveling going forward. Spring break trips have continued to provide some lift. But the slowdown is real, and it’s worldwide.

In fact you know that business travel done when the Islamic State declares non-essential trips to be haram.

Since ISIS lost its territory in Mosul, Iraq they aren’t responsible for event cancellations at the Ninawa International Hotel any longer. Nonetheless, all Islamic State employees will have to conduct jihad as remote workers for the forseeable future.

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  1. So when El Al suspended almost all routes, can we say the thuggish Mossad assassins will have to fly with other airlines or charter???

  2. Obama’s JV Team temporarily suspends season.

    Will the Mullahs in Iran use Obama and Kerry’s billions for economic terrorist recovery?

  3. Chris@Oak I think that you might need to adjust the dosage on your meds.
    You’re delusional again….

  4. Ignoring all the feel good admin bashing going on, this is one of the best headlines I’ve seen this weekend in all the travel blogs.

  5. I think they have been on a travel ban since day one.
    Ever seen a declared IS person fly commercial?

  6. @Gene – most DEFINITELY much SMARTER than YOU! That’s all. Now, you can go back to your mommy’s basement.

  7. @Emmanuel Ruiz – when you lose your minimum wage job during the C19 crisis, and are faced at not having healthcare, reduced to hustling for gigs, and then realizing how life hasn’t exactly been great for you the past 3.5 years (despite what might have been promised to you during the 2015 campaign), I’m guessing even YOU may have second thoughts at pulling the lever again in November for the current temporary occupant of the White House.

    But if you like continually being conned, hey, go right ahead!

  8. As usual a pathetic article.. you should quit blogging as you dont have any content to blog about..
    Better start putting posts about your Israeli zionist terrorists as well committing gross human right violations in Palestine

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