It’s Not Just Fake Covid Tests, People Are Faking Essential Worker Letters To Travel

The U.S. now requires a negative Covid-19 test in order to enter the country by air – even if you’re a citizen returning home. We’re hardly alone, many countries require a Covid-19 test to enter. Since testing can be an expensive hassle even people without the virus are faking negative tests. On one flight 95% of passengers presented fake negative results. But it’s not just negative Covid-19 test results that are being faked.

The U.S. has considered requiring a negative test even for domestic travel (though seems unlikely). Banning interstate travel outright doesn’t appear to be in the cards.

Early in the pandemic, and re-introduced several times, Australia banned travel between its states in an attempt to prevent Covid-19 from spreading. (People living on state borders would receive special passes to travel back-and-forth.) Several European countries have placed immigration roadblocks even within the E.U. And they’ve also banned all but essential workers from leaving.

So far 375 fines have been issued for people trying to depart from Dublin’s airport alone in violation of Ireland’s restrictions on non-essential travel. One man, desperate for a beach holiday in Spain, mocked up a letter from a supposed-employer in Tenerife. The letter claimed he was an essential worker heading to a job at a hotel there.

[He] was described in the phony document as an “Electronic Security Systems Provider, which is an essential service in Europe and covered by the Irish Government advice of January 24th,” …issued by the “Human Resources Department of (company),” and that “the individual will provide an essential service at (hotel) in Tenerife, Spain.”

It’s not clear how the letter was identified as an obvious fake, but the attempted vacationer was fined $600.

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  1. Lockdowns and travel restrictions are great temporary measures. And generally effective. But only as a bridge to long term solutions. The governments of the world, with very few exceptions, have failed to act on long term, sustainable solutions. Completely botched mass production of PPE, failed to expand hospital capacity, no contract tracing, no sick leave for Covid positive low income people and most importantly failed miserably on vaccine distribution and incentivization. And don’t blame the Orange menace. He was only part of the problem.

    Right now people are just frustrated and testing the boundaries.

    Telling me to stay home to save grandma’s life is effective for a period of time. Another 6 months of this and I’ll gladly push her off the cliff myself if it means we get to travel freely again. Joking of course, she’s been dead for years!

    But seriously. The current status is unacceptable. And we need to hold all world leaders of all parties accountable. Now. I honestly no longer care about any travel shaming and have zero guilt getting on with life after a year. If any of you do, great, maybe you can be elected Jesus for your neverending sacrifices.

  2. ” The current status is unacceptable. And we need to hold all world leaders of all parties accountable. Now. I honestly no longer care about any travel shaming and have zero guilt getting on with life after a year.” – yea, except the reason this pandemic rages on is because people decide their travel is more important, their parties are more important, etc than dealing with the pandemic. People can blame the government for a lot, but the government isn’t running around spreading the virus (well at least not anymore). People should accept personal responsibility for their own actions. Non-essential travel and social gatherings continues the pandemic raging.

  3. Free people will always seek to test boundaries and flout rules and regulations – it’s one of the most thrilling parts of human nature, and the aspect of humanity that tyrants seek to restrain.

    It’s like trying to buy beer in high school – it was bad for us as immature teens, bad for society due to the dangers it caused, but of course we were going to try (and sometimes succeed!) and we’d be boring if we didn’t.

  4. Good!

    It’s amazing that people have taken this junk for so long.

    Bring on the fake test, fake notes . It fits with the fake science that justifies lockdown and the destruction of the 2nd and 3rd world to keep the 1st safe.

  5. @George
    There are plenty of 1st world people who have died from this disease.

    But I guess you’ve been protected by your Jewish space lasers.

  6. the most effective measure is like many things not in the hands of authority but in the citizens: knowledge & common sense, unfortunately this is not being promoted here.

  7. @William The least boring people from my high school are now either dead or in jail.

    I don’t miss them.

  8. @Pete: Gary is charged with control of the Jewish Space Lasers. He’s also President of the WWJFC–the Worldwide Jewish Financial Conspiracy.
    I know it’s true because he will deny it.
    Cheese Pizza=Child Pornography, duh.

  9. @george
    Yep, everythings fake including the over 400,000 deaths.
    The fake president left with over 405,000 deaths on his hands because of not taking this seriously.
    Remember, we were all going to panic.

  10. You make light of Covid when 3000 people per day are dying from the disease. The least people can do is to follow CDC guidelines. Why not stay safe at least till your fully vaccinated and not kill your parents.

  11. Faking documents is the height of arrogance and an utter lack of concern for your fellow man (or woman). I’ve had three hometown friends die from CoVid since January 1. For me it is very real.

  12. Good. I hope we see more fake notes and fake tests. These restrictions are ridiculous and will do nothing to stop the spread. Time show the “leaders” who’s really in charge.
    If domestic travel testing is required, I will use the same results from last fall, over and over. Try and stop me.

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