jetBlue Passenger Hits Flight Attendant, Breaks Out of Handcuffs Twice and Goes on Epic Rant

A passenger on a jetBlue flight Tuesday night from Los Angeles to New York JFK began yelling at a flight attendant while the aircraft was taxiing out prior to takeoff. He then “punched the flight attendant in the head.”

Here’s part of the rant:

‘Get the f*** off of me!’ Big where the f*** are you at! I need the seat Biggie!’

‘Why are we still in the f***ing airport? We are not on a f***ing plane obviously,’ .. ‘I get high as sh** I get f***ing dumb water!’

The situation was caught on video.

The jetBlue flight’s captain announced to passengers that they would be returning to the gate because of the incident.

Crew members come to the assistance of the flight attendant who was punched. Flight attendants get restraints from the overhead bin. But this man wasn’t going to be restrained.

[T]he National Guard had to handcuff the disturbed man ‘not once, not twice, but three times because he broke out of the first two sets of cuffs.’

The disturbed passenger was taken off the plane by law enforcement, and a man in a cap who appears to be his travel companion accompanied him.

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  1. Passengers who can legally board “high as sh**” really confirms the sound wisdom of California and other states legalizing recreational marijuana.

    Remember that only driving under the influence of marijuana, consuming pot in public and purchasing or consuming recreational cannabis by someone under the age of 21 are prohibited in California. Flying high as sh** is perfectly legal in the land of Harvey Weinstein and Governor Moonbeam.

  2. @AlohaDaveKennedy

    Cool, let’s ban alcohol too. And that prescription medication you’re not abusing.

    Get Real

  3. If airlines aren’t going to ban guys like this for life, which they never seem to do, I got little sympathy for them.

  4. ADK- and you know it was marijuana because…..? (BTW- his isn’t typical behavior from a weed high. But thanks for playing).

  5. Glad to see a video that shows the entire story, the behaviour leading up to the restraint, and not just the restraint itself.

    (can only imagine the social media frenzy if the clip just had the guy getting restrained by the cops, without the context)

  6. @ADK…really hard to take your comment seriously when you go from making a legitimate comment about drug legalization to your comment about Brown and Weinstein. You might want to work on honing your argumentative skills…

  7. FatTrumpanzeeDave: Governor Moonbeam (whose father built the world’s #1 University system and freeways) also balanced the budget for the first time in 30 years after your fat GOPigs finally were thrown out of power permanently.

    If you’re from Hawaii it must be miserable living somewhere where you’re not wanted at all, can’t open your mouth to belch one of your Trump ideas or you’d get run out. Must be miserable being a fat slob bully. War vets like me to live to smash you in the mouth.

  8. @ADK’s comment highlights legalized hemp may present some unexpected complications. I feel sorry for people that equate legalization without regard to health and safety concerns.
    Personally I am more worried about people texting while driving, but as ADK notices, can we expect to see texting while high and driving?
    The fact he punched someone and resisted arrest means he will need to be careful even if he takes legal or prescribed narcotics.

  9. I think we will be seeing much more of these outbursts as airlines continue to shrink seats and make the flying experience miserable and expensive
    The Mergers too have had much to do with all of this slowly over time
    Granted crazies will be crazy but airlines and some of the hostile environment coming out of corporate headquarters is just the extra fuel on top of the fire

  10. They should have thrown him into a straight jacket, and then into the cargo hold. Let that POS sleep it off at 30,000-feet.

  11. A: This guy – if on something – was on more than just a little Mary Jane.
    B: This guy probably has some mental instability issues on or off any sort of substances.
    C: Anyone who acts out violently towards crew or passages should have some sort of ban and not allowed on without a medical notice stating rehabilitation from whatever was going on with them in the first place. violence is completely unacceptable.
    D: My sympathy really goes to the poor flight attendant who was assaulted.
    F: The real heroes are the two men (article state they are national guard?) who stepped up and helped the crew out in keeping this guy in his seat until authorities arrived.

    **wonder if they’ll talk about this on “This Week in Travel 🙂

  12. Every commercial plane should have at least 5 cameras running 24/7/365 in the cabin and flight deck, by federal law. Cut down on this nonsense with fake service animals, crazies, and all the rubbish the travelling public brings.

  13. It’s so funny when people talk about marijuana as if it causes this behavior. The odds are on either legal substances like alcohol or straight up illegal substances that have no chance of being legalized lol.

    It’s so funny the bad rep that marijuana gets but it’s usually from people that haven’t tried or done anything in their lives.

  14. The disjointed speech pattern may also suggest a stroke in progress.
    Certainly not the speech of a rational or even angry person.

  15. To anyone stating this is behavior from smoking marijuana, you’re completely wrong and bringing your own political views into this discussion. This is absolutely NOT how someone behaves after smoking marijuana. This is the culprit of something much more intense–some kind of hallucinogen.

  16. Why are we automatically calling this guy a “disturbed passenger”? I haven’t seen reporting saying he has a mental illness. I see him making statements about getting high and if he is high and getting on the plane he is not disturbed he is just a scumbag who needs to be sent to prison.

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