Joe Biden’s Campaign Will Go Without A Plane (Since The Candidate Won’t Leave His Basement)

Presidential campaigns traditionally have planes. But this year Joe Biden is going without one since he won’t leave his basement won’t be traveling much for in-person events during the pandemic.

John McCain’s 2008 campaign flew a Boeing 737, the “Straight Talk Express,” while Sarah Palin was relegated to a regional jet (a JetBlue Embraer ERJ-190). Mitt Romney raffled off time on his campaign jet as a fundraiser. Mike Pence flew in a leased Eastern Airlines Boeing 737.

Source: Eastern Airlines

Naturally President Trump’s 2016 campaign rented his Boeing 757 ‘Trump Force One’, though during the plane he got into some legal thicket with his Cessna (that he extricated himself from by selling the plane.. to himself).

So far Biden’s campaign hasn’t booked any airfare, so figures they don’t need a plane.

  • Swing states worth flying to have gathering size limits anyway

  • And Biden will be saying Trump events are “gambling with American lives for his own political gain.”

  • Yet… he hasn’t actually ruled out getting a plane and doing events later “if individual states change their guidelines.”

Journalists loved ‘hanging with the candidate’ on the McCain plane. And what would we have done without seeing Hillary Clinton on board “Stronger Together” with her feet up on the bulkhead?

When you become President, by the way, you get a much cooler plane.

I had to have a little fun with this one. And if you can’t take a jab or two no matter which side you’re on you’re doing it wrong.

(HT: Paul H.)

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  1. Gary you are starting to crack the Trump tweet code. Throw a bone out to a pack of distracted dogs and watch them freak out while you stand back and watch. Besides can’t people take a joke anymore? Where is @debit when you need them 🙂
    Personally I find rented campaign planes funny. Sorta like the carhardt jacket farm visits for photo ops during the election cycle.

  2. Trump was friends with the notorious, since-convicted child-molester Jeffrey Epstein for many years; Trump “danced” and partied with Epstein often in NY and Florida; and Trump and Epstein were often frequently together when one or both of them were chasing even teenage girls as the dirty old men in their 50+s.

    Trump was also friends with Bill Clinton; the very Clinton who also was chummy with Epstein but always had US Secret Service along to sort of keep that former Presidential lecher straight enough to not run on the wrong side of the law when it comes to teenage girls.

    Unlike Trump, Clinton and their teenage-girl-chasing buddy Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, Joe Biden is a decent, honorable man of faith and good character with no criminal sexual proclivities. By every reasonable standard, Trump, Clinton, Epstein and “I wish her well” Maxwell are not decent, honorable people of faith and good character. Instead it is a given that Trump, Clinton, Epstein and Maxwell have many known criminal sexual proclivities involving females. Even a few weeks ago, Trump was publicly wishing well to his child-sex-exploiting friend Ghislaine Maxwell. They say birds of a feather flock together, and I say Trump’s flock speaks volumes about Trump even years after it disperses.

    AlohaDaveKennedy is a notorious, racist troll on travel sites. It is what it is.

    Kamala Harris is not a “mostly Indian and European running mate”. She’s a biracial, natural-born US citizen of Afro-Jamaican-American heritage and South Indian-American heritage who identifies primarily as African-American, as that is how she has identified herself since she was a child …. long before she even decided to attend Howard University in DC.

    AlohaDaveKennedy has his opinions about people, but he has no right to determine how biracial Americans want to self-identify culturally in America. If you want to dictate how biracial people identify ethnically, please do us all a favor and go move into Putin’s Russia as a guest of Comrade Trump and feel right at home in the arms of Mother Russia.

    I wonder how AlohaDaveKennedy is going on to reconcile with Trump having financially bankrolled Kamala Harris by donating Trump money to Harris campaigns even after Trump had jumped onto the Obama-bashing train with its racist dog whistles.

  3. Jim,

    Trump’s perverted. Trump’s perverted when it comes to his sexual morals and when it comes to “governing”. Trump’s bizarre family life has also been perverted from the beginning, and Trump’s perversions carries onto the present with his sexualization of his own first daughter.

    Biden makes a lot of verbal gaffes — not surprising given he has had a chronic stuttering situation to manage since he was a little kid — but Biden is about as boring, normal as there is in Washington, and I would chose boring normalcy over the Chinese curse of “may you live in interesting times” that Putin’s useful idiot Comrade Trump has delivered to America.

    Biden is actually better in a way than Obama, as Biden is of the traditional American political school that has him able to disagree on what should be done while still having respect and being respectful for those who disagree with him on policy matters. I’ll take old school American Biden over the backward, stumbling anti-American, Putin-loving Trump who can’t even walk down a ramp — forget about even running like Biden — and so goes golfing instead.

  4. @Jim

    I asked why you referred to him as creepy pedo Joe.. why are you deflecting the answer by asking me the same question? What facts have I misrepresented?

  5. NFO,

    There is a lot of credible evidence to the idea of Trump being in on chasing females “on the younger side” with his late buddy and infamous sexual abuser of teenage girls Jeffrey Epstein. But to detract from such facts about no-holds/grabs-barred Trump, the worshippers of their Lord Trump have to make up and peddle fictional claims to try to attack Trump’s opponents.

    There is zero credible claim to the idea of Biden having any sexual inclination toward underage females. Trump, on the other hand, has made repeat sexual grabs of teenage females in NY and elsewhere.

    If Jim had a 16-year-old daughter, would he be more worried with having his daughter alone in a room with Biden or would he be more worried about having his daughter alone in a room with Trump? I wouldn’t trust leaving anyone alone with Trump.

  6. @ wonderbuss,

    Show us the evidence. President Trump was NOT friends with Epstein, and in fact banned him from his clubs. Yes, you can find photos of the two together, but what are the chances two billionaires living in New York end up at the same party? There is evidence of BOTH Clintons traveling to pedo island, along with hundreds of other left-wing pervs. There is plenty of evidence of Creepy Joe touching and sniffing young girls, and a few boys, too. I would be a million times more worried about my daughter with Creepy Joe than w/ President Trump.

  7. There are more than just photos, there are also videos of Trump and Epstein hanging out together a lot of times and doing no less than checking out young females, including some that were minors at the time. That and more provides evidence that Trump and Epstein were buddies. Much the same goes for Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell.

    Trump’s former buddy Bill Clinton was also chummy with Epstein and Maxwell, even inviting Maxwell to his daughter’s wedding.

    Guess who didn’t party with pervert Trump and his pervert buddies? Joe Biden. Joe Biden is eccentric in ways, but he’s no perverted sexual predator.

    Trump is the perverted sexual predator running for US President.

    I can’t wait for the pervert-in-chief Trump to be replaced by the old school, American decency that Biden represents.

    I am voting against the pervert Trump in November. Trump represents the perversion of America that Putin desires and desired when he chose to back the pervert Trump.

  8. wonderbluss,

    There are hundreds of photos of bumbling Creepy Joe inappropriately touching kids and young woman. But you are going to ignore all that and the rape of a Senate Aide in 1993 aren’t you? Even Kamala Harris has said she believes Joe’s accusers. You are also going to ignore Biden’s illegal interference in Ukraine, Hunter Biden’s illegal activities, Biden’s rapidly failing mental health, his efforts to imprison thousands of Black people (1994 crime bill), his assault on the Constitution, etc, etc.


    QUOTE: “Don’t Underestimate Joe’s ability to f&%k thing’s up” Obama

    #Believeall women

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