Joe Biden’s Team Arrives For The Inauguration On One Of The Worst Airlines In America

After the events of January 6th at the U.S. Capitol, Joe Biden nixed plans to take a chartered Amtrak train down to D.C. and flew instead. Only he wasn’t flown by the Air Force. He and his team and accompanying media took private charters.

Here’s Joe Biden with his wife Jill, the next First Lady of the United States, boarding a Boeing Business Jet at Wilmington, Delaware’s airport. Wilmington hasn’t had commercial air service since Frontier left in 2015. Before that it was a place airlines would fly only so they could claim they operated to all 50 states.

Biden’s plane was accompanied by two Sun Country Boeing 737-800s alone with another from KaiserAir and a Embraer ERJ-145 from Ultimate Air Shuttle. Even for the short Wilmington-Joint Base Andrews (ADW) flight, the small regional jet goes to those with lowest status and losers of the coin toss.

Boutique Minneapolis-based Sun Country was acquired by investment fund Apollo Global three years ago, and former Allegiant President Jude Bricker was put in charge to rip out first class, eliminate meals, and turn it into a low fare/high fee ultra low cost carrier. They quickly went about making a decision to strand passengers in Mexico, cancelling the last flights of the season and leaving customers without an airline outside the country. And then they starting losing bags and refusing to pay to deliver them.

So while Sun Country provided Biden a chartered aircraft for the 2008 campaign, this isn’t the same Sun Country his team knew back in the day. Although Amazon now owns a stake in one of the worst airlines in America, looking to them only for low cost cargo operations.

Starting tomorrow of course Joe Biden will be President and have full access to Air Force One and other aircraft.

(HT: Joe Cortez)

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  1. Be aware that Biden was denied a flight via an official Air Force jet by Trump. Which is tradition. Yet another ungracious and filthy tactic by the worst President in American history.

  2. That “boutique” is doing a lot of heavy lifting. It’s like calling Kmart a boutique shopping store.

  3. Fitting for a bumbling old puppet who will have the distinction of being America’s first illegitimate president – and the worst.

  4. @stuart. The left has been so polite and friendly to Trump. I can’t imagine why he would be ungracious.

  5. With current trends, I’d say that’s ground for impeachment LOL. Anyway – Biden doesn’t care what airline it is – he sleeps right through it haha

  6. Can you imagine the outrage from the left if a Republican took four 737s and an Embraer from Wilmington to Washington? “But the environment!!!”

  7. Lot’s of sore losers on this site tonight. After the seditious a_hole vacates the White House tomorrow the country and world (except Russia and China) will breath a sigh of relief.

    Trump is a traitor and his boot-licking cultists are too.

  8. Whose decision was it to fly such a short distance? Biden or Secret Service? They are acting scared. Just have a bunch of Megabus buses carry all the reporters and Biden. If there are 20 of them, nobody will know which one Biden is taking and he would be safe.

    Everyone blames Trump. It could be his fault but it also could be Biden’s fault for not allowing Trump to use the plane on his way out. For whatever reason, Trump is leaving early so that he arrives in Florida before noon, otherwise Biden may have ordered the plane carrying Trump to land in South Carolina .

  9. I would rate Sun Country above Frontier and United on many days. Whomever wrote this doesn’t know what they are talking about. Plus, Amazon does not own a stake in Sun Country. That is just factually wrong.

  10. It’s amazing to read the hate and absolute disdain you U.S. citizens have for each other! There is so much poison and distrust in your country it is difficult to fathom. I will pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster for you.

  11. @SullyofDoha – It’s true. We hate their guts and they hate ours. They’re gloating now but their path to ruin starts today. First we will take the house and senate back in the midterms and then get rid of their old puppet in 2024 – or his prostitute VP if he dies before then, which hilariously he very well may.

    In the meantime they are going to have to deal with the same level of respect and courtesy they gave us over the last four years.

  12. Hey Joe… you are a disgusting human being.

    Not to mention one with a very very low IQ, no integrity, no class and zero soul.

    Ps I’m in Europe and your idol tRump made the US a laughing stock. Amazingly you still support a bleach drinking, race baiting, violence inciting, fat moron who can’t actually speak an articulate sentence.

    You loser. Literally.

  13. Hey @Joe, time to crawl outta mama’s bed, put some pants on and sweep out the trailer. Low IQ is what happens when God takes a day off. So sorry for you but them’s the breaks. And if you think that Biden is an illegitimate President, why did the Great Orange Anus lose 64 straight lawsuits trying to steal the election? Ask the judges – most of whom were Republican appointees – including several Trump appointees. They found all claims to be bogus.

  14. @Andy – Actually I live very well thanks, with a good woman, money, freedom, my life is great. However I do feel sad that my government is thoroughly corrupt and the first president that fought for the American people is, for the moment, gone.

    And I seriously doubt that you would ever be able to summon the courage to say that to my face. No between your small, old European flat and 50%+ tax rates, you’re probably broken and impoverished, bitter and angry, clinging to an imaginary sense if superiority and jealousy for men stronger than you. Have a good one friend.

  15. First, we need to realize there is more than one plane that makes up the president’s fleet of aircraft. Air Force designation is for the sitting president’s plane which will be Donald Trump until Noon on the 20th.
    Second Biden didn’t ask for use of one of the aircraft for a trip to DC because he was trying to make it a photo op on Amtrak as he’s “a working-class guy”, “Joe 6-pack” but due to security advice (likely from Showcall Security $7.5m) they spent a bunch of money chartering planes for the 100-mile drive to DC, oddly. The time they spend gathering up folks at the airport for the party plane to DC likely took longer than driving there.

  16. @NotMyPresident – you live in a delusional fog. The world has been laughing at the Great Orange Anus for four years – and there’s videotape! At the U.N., at a NATO conference and others. Just google it. And all of our allies have now weighed in, saying they are thankful for the change – many of whom are saying how much better America’s leadership will now be. Even old ‘friends’ of the loser President, like Netanyahu, are suddenly ecstatic about the change.

  17. @NotMyPresident – no, the world laughed at a historic loser president leaving with a tiny ceremony nobody wanted to go to. Now a pimple on the history of the US democracy.

    You’ll be just fine the next 4 years. The rebuilding starts now.

  18. @SullyofDoha – Actually, the problem here in America is that a large population of Neandertals still exist. Want proof? Here is a recent newspaper headline:

    “A man sent his girlfriend’s brother a selfie while storming the Capitol, officials say. The brother is a federal agent.”

  19. @Joe

    You pathetic idiot. My house is brand new, I pay 28% tax maximum. I would have the balls to say to your redneck face. I had US citizenship but recinded it due to Trump.

    You have way less freedom than me (I can drink a beer in a park, and won’t be in the poor house if I get sick etc etc)

    You’re lucky I’m not next to your face.

  20. @DaninMCI, no Air Force xxxxx, whatever the tail number is, is the call sign for all of the Air Force transport aircraft. Air Force One is the call sign when the president is on board.

  21. So the taxpayers get to foot the bill already for all of the private jet charters!! ANd how how GREEN NEW DEAL IS THAT!!! Hypocrisy of the LEFT

  22. dee – why don’t you use the Google and see just how much taxpayer money Trump pissed away on all his golfing / vacation trips (relative to previous presidents) and then get back to us.


  23. @ Andy. It appears to me that you don’t have a dog in this hunt. Foreign Relations also doesn’t appear to be your strong suit. “Short term goals have long term effects.” You should not have given up your citizenship . . . if you really did.

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