US Military Has Recorded Thousands Of UFO Sightings

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  1. Let’s keep this in perspective. UFO simply means “unidentified” which could be anything from ET to a kid’s toy balloon. Whatever is being reported could be aliens, or a thousand other things. I grew up on ’40s and ’50s science fiction and would love to meet some friendly visitors, but it’s unlikely that Earth is exactly the crossroads of the galaxy. As for time travel–it would involve as many violations of scientific laws, if not more, as faster than light travel. I suppose the best we’re can hope for is sub-light travel but that’s still a huge stretch. Life on other planets is in all probably quite likely, intelligent life that survived through things like wars and environmental crises much less so but possible. But their getting here….

  2. I don’t believe in little green men or flying saucers. However, I always felt that it’s a bit silly to think that with the millions of planets that exist – We are the ONLY one to have intelligent life.

  3. After the last four years, “intelligent life” could be questionable. But yes, when we think of life elsewhere, we always seem to settle on life forms such as ours, intelligent or not. Maybe we need to imagine all the other forms of life; bacteria, algae, etc. Maybe some, as difficult as it may be to accept, more advanced than we. And there we have the UFO: Just as we have satellites probing other planets, why not others probing us?

  4. “why do we always assume UFOs come from another planet rather than another time?” – well, what about simply another country? What if the USA has lost technological supremacy & stealth in the air, and the great unwashed haven’t been informed (other than being asked to keep a look-out for UFOs and report them)?

  5. As someone else mentioned UFO is simply unidentified. And while there are some good people, the military has more than its share of nut jobs and idiots.

  6. Like former president Chump (hooray), where’ s the evidence? No proof. Chump and his idiot lawyers had no proof and neither has the military.

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