EMT Falls Ill After Treating Passenger Who Died With Covid-19 On United Flight Last Week

United Airlines flight 591 from Orlando to Los Angeles diverted to New Orleans last Monday evening for a medical emergency. On the ground, passengers overheard the man’s wife telling medical personnel about his Covid-19 diagnosis. He died. Passengers continued on the same plane to Los Angeles. I was the first to report on the incident.

Three medical professionals on board administered chest compressions before the fire department arrived to the scene and removed the man to a hospital, where he passed away. There’s now video from onboard the plane during the time he was being treated by passengers.

Here is an interview with one of the EMTs who assisted onboard, putting himself at risk of exposure, though he notes that while the man’s face mask was removed he was given an oxygen mask from the aircraft. Two days after the flight he developed Covid-like symptoms and is currently awaiting the results of a test.

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  1. When are they going to arrest the wife for knowingly endangering the lives of everyone on that plane?

  2. People need to stop treating this like it’s a bad cold. People are dying. Thank God for the selflessness of the EMTs and first responders / front line workers that keep our country moving ahead. This isn’t FAKE NEWS morons and btw. . .less than a month left of the IDIOT leadership that we have endured for the past 4 years.

    Time for the GOOD in American to rise up and take back our country!

  3. Oh no! An otherwise perfectly healthy person caught the covid!!! And if that person is even relatively healthy and under 80 years of age they will only have a 99.9% chance of being perfectly fine other than a cough. EVERYONE CONTINUE TO PANIC!!!!!! smh/lol

  4. @ Brady:

    The problem with your logic is that:
    1. Covid patients overwhelm the hospitals
    2. Covid kills and seriously injures those who are not in the high risk groups
    3. Everyone I know is/has family members that are in the high risk group, so to minimize this risk is insulting

    Now get back to newsmax and have a great Christmas

  5. @Brady – Since you think this is such a nothingburger, no doubt you wish to be at the back of the line for the vaccine?

  6. Brady seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t buy health insurance because he feels healthy now because he knows that most people are healthy… until they’re not.

  7. As a frequent flying firefighter and paramedic, I have learned that doing CPR on an aircraft increases the likelihood of exposure to pathogens like SARS-CoV-2. This is due to increased exposure to the virus-containing respiratory droplets transmitted from an infected contagious passenger to the rescue crews the other nearby passengers.

  8. sunviking82 – who rushed the Covid 19 vaccines with the Warp Speed program? Don’t choke as surely any Democrat can bray his name for us…

    Ken A – speaking as a former lifeguard and wilderness first responder, all CPR risks exposure to pathogens which is why we carry barriers. Any first responder takes a risk and must be given credit for attempting to save a life despite peril to their own life. The Senate declared October 28th as National First Responders Day since 2019 which was timely given the great pandemic.

  9. @AlohaDaveKennedy

    Pfizer started working on a vaccine last February whilst DJT was telling everyone it would go away on its own.

    BTW: He lost the election.

  10. Health care providers deserve to be on the front page of every magazine as people of the year.

    Praying for a quick recovery for this EMT and for him to be healthy and with those he loves over the holidays.

  11. @brady should volunteer in a Covid ward. Oh right he won’t. Because it can’t put its money where it’s mouth is.

  12. @AlohaDaveKennedy
    You do realize that the Pfizer vaccine wasn’t part of “Warp Speed” and didn’t take any government money.

    Also we are no where near the first to have a vaccine available so so much for “Warp Speed”.

  13. Gary Thank you for using “Who Died With Covid-19” Since it is obvious this person had a heart condition and he died of a heart attack.

  14. Anyone who dies in a hospital as is positive for Covid is now being counted as a Covid death no matter the actual cause of death. If you fall of the exam table in the hospital, positive for Covid and break your neck you died of covid.

    Young and healthy you don’t die. Covid is a disease of the elderly. 21K deaths in US under 55. 13.5K 45 to 54. 7.68% under 55. Under 45 its 2.76% deaths.
    Liberalist bull and you stole the election.

  15. @Cam: Good thing there’s a Good Samaritan law….oh, wait…we need to check what state the plane was flying over at the time.

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