Kanye and Kim Kardashian Chartered a 747, and She’s Giving Us a Tour

Kim Kardashian posted an instagram story boarding a private Boeing 747, and shares a tour of the aircraft. As her video opens she shares a bit about her avgeek husband Kanye West: he only wants to fly 747s.

No big deal, just taking a private 747. This is how he does it now. Only 747s. Private. I’ve never even heard of this but whatever.

Showing off the master suite with private bathroom she declares, “So you know, just our room for the long flight, pretty insane.”

The plane wasn’t just for the two of them, at a minimum she brought her trainer Melissa Alcantara “since it’s so long [a flight] so we can work out.” The 747 has a gym. Her trainer suggests they’d be sleeping 10 hours on board.

Kardashian West declares,

So this is what a private 747 is like, you guys. I’ve never been on one before so I’m like ‘Oh my god!’

Here’s the tour:

Reportedly the plane “was supplied by ‘Team Adidas’ for Kanye’s Yeezy brand.”

In the early 1970s future Nobel laureate F.A. Hayek would demand first class travel on a 747 for himself and his wife as a condition of visiting the United States. He didn’t actually need that — he just thought if he priced his demands high enough his trip sponsors would decline and he wouldn’t have to travel as much.

One estimate suggests it would cost as much as $200,000 per flight hour to charter this aircraft. Even a 10 hour flight one way, well, you do the math.

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  1. the more publicity this human waste (both of them) get, the better humanity will be
    they are one of the most appalling, self centered individuals around who are negative role models for boys and girls alike
    not sure why the media is obsessed with them

  2. She needs to suck up to DJI and get them to give her a stabilizer. Her video is all over the place!

    She is good a sucking up to thing.

  3. This is total BS – there is no 747 in the world that costs that to operate (in 2017 VC-25 the GSA put AF1 at ~$200,000 an hour – AIR FORCE ONE). But you’re right, Kim and Kanye travel like POTUS.

    Gary, this is beneath you. You’re a data guy, this data exists, and it sure AF does not show a 747 costs $200k per hour to fly. EVER. Unless you’re transporting the president, which Kim and Kanye are not. It’s more like $25k / block hour, which even includes climb out and taxi. Oh, did you know this is DOT publishing information? Yeah, you did. You chose to ignore it. It does cost something on the ground – especially in Europe. But suggesting a 12 hour flight was 2.2mn is insane + insulting – just because someone else lies doesn’t mean you need to repeat it. Your audience (at least me) expects you to at least be honest – seriously this doesn’t pass even the simplest sniff-test, to say nothing of google “cost per hour 747.” Oh that’s right, NOT 200k, $25k. Keep insulting me I’ll have to stop reading.

  4. The cost to operate a 747 is about $25k an hour. The claim here — from a charter company — is that a very specific VIP configuration might market itself at 10x that amount. I offer no claim about pricing in the luxury charter market whatsoever.

  5. The worst private jet video EVER. Dark, shaky and it’s not even that impressive. Learn to shoot video Kim.

  6. Honestly. Why. This is a travel blog. Kardashian’s? Really? I read bleacher report for sports stories not who Aaron Rogers is dating. Same with travel blogs. Please don’t do this.

  7. @gary

    I read the link. You are misrepresenting what it says. The reporter quotes a charter service as saying that the aircraft is privately owned, and as such, *operating* costs are in the neighborhood of $200k per hour.

    It doesn’t say anything about marketing costs, just a guesstimate at operating costs.

    Operating costs = direct costs, which can be way different than the retail cost on the charter market.

  8. I am with all the other comments on this post…WTF is it doing on a travel blog and at this point I will no longer follow you. I know you did it to get attention so maybe someone will replace me as a follower.

  9. That’s definitely one of the Las Vegas Sands 747s – they own two. You could even read about how Paris Hilton loves it and see more of the fleet and the paint scheme:


    But I’m sure Sheldon Adelson and the Sands spend 200k/hour on that plane – cost is no object when you’re that rich (except to keep the president safe?). It looks a bit short because it’s the SP. As Gary should know, this is SEC material and the Sands fleet “provide the company with a significant competitive advantage in attracting customers to the company’s properties.” I don’t know where Kim and Kayne fit into the Sands empire, but presumably somehow.

    But, you know, when you’re spending 200k/hour to bring the high rollers over, is that really a competitive advantage? The only question is, does Adelson bill the Sands 200k/hour just to move cash around?

  10. That aircraft belongs to the Venetian Hotel and cant be chartered. It’s used for hauling high roller gamblers around the world. It can be leased but it’s way more money than the KK group can afford! They might have hitched a ride with someone? Or got a ramp tour while it was idle somewhere. Where did they fly to?

  11. Sounds like some are jealous of the first royal couple of entertainment
    They are shining examples of the American Dream and class act role models
    Both have enormous talent and wealth and are major idols and success stories
    Kanye & Kim area true world crass humanitarians
    Why just look at Kanye’s vist to the White House with President Trump
    to the Oval Orfice
    Life Changing and a monuMENTAL moment in time for all of mankind
    Help reduce carbon foot print & fly Kanye Airways

  12. @Haterz

    I used to do ground handling for private jets… this type of metal is usually not owned or even chartered by private citizens. It’s actually news that a non head-of-state has one of these things.

    The biggest aircraft typically used for private citizens in the charter world is a BBJ. While nice (and not cheap) that sort of thing certainly ain’t news. If Gary posted an article about a bunch of attention seekers chartering a BBJ, that certainly would not be news.

    But a wide body? I find that interesting, and I’d like to know how they got access to it and what they paid. That’s news.

  13. I read an article a while back about a guy who shoots private plane interiors for billionaires. This plane is Spirit or Frontier econ to their CX 1st, so to speak. It’s absurd for Kim and Kanye to have their own 747, of course, but true to form they didn’t even do that with any style. The 747 is plain and drab and boring. The other private jumbos are lavish and decadent with sumptuous leather sofas and abalone sinks in the bathroom and the like. As the article says, “The Kardashians are very rich, but they’re not rich like the rich I deal with. They’re paupers in comparison.” It shows.

  14. I have love for Kim but isn’t this the way she got into trouble, with the robbery in Paris, to begin with? Keep it quiet Kim, for your sake, keep it on the down low……… This is too “showy” you will get in trouble again.

  15. So, how many points do I need for one of these? What is the best credit card to use on the charter fees? 😉

  16. @Greg

    And like it or not, Kanye has revitalized the Adidas brand and without him, would probably not be making any money over the last 4-5 years compared to it being one of the most popular street brands out there.

  17. Who Cares??? I’ll tell you. The thousands of people who lost their homes in the California fires.
    The burned bodies still not recovered. People who need medication and cannot afford to pay for it.
    Children who go to bed at night hungry. That’s who!

    These people should not be given coverage! To be honest anyone from Liberal LA LA land, in general, are disgusting.

  18. I am truly baffled why these two continue to be in our face. Since most everyone who has a public comment about the Kardashians and Kanye, those comments seem to be pretty much on the negative side. Yet they seem to keep making money and keep putting themselves in our face. Will it never end! And here on one of my favorite blogs, they surface again. Enough! The more we ignore them, the better chance for them to disappear.

  19. Children are starving to death everyday and this is what they do? Why do people continue to give coverage to these people.

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