Latest Updates on the Inflight Electronics Ban

Even if the Muslim electronics ban started out with credible security intelligence it has the effect of giving what American, Delta, and United wanted — protection from competition from Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar which are seen as offering a better, cheaper product by some. As I point out in the Christian Science Monitor,

Others said the ban would also benefit US airlines, as “it encourages connections rather than flying non-stop for anyone unwilling to check their laptop,” aviation blogger Gary Leff wrote on Tuesday.

Meanwhile the electronics ban is seen as a competitive boon for Air India since many of the passengers carried via the Gulf originate in India. Oh, and this (HT: David F.).

Emirates was first out swallowing hard and putting on a brave face over the electronics ban.

They’ve announced that they’re going to be deploying extra staff to make things go as smoothly as possible for customers, letting passengers keep electronic devices until boarding on US flights rather than having to surrender them pre-security. Emirates will deploy staff to collect electronics at the gate so that passengers can be productive (or entertained) longer.

I don’t suspect this will help enough. Emirates is already eliminating their second Los Angeles flight for May and June.

Meanwhile Royal Jordanian has become an airline of poets. (HT: Fly and Dine)

Personally I wish their poem began there once was a DHS Secretary from Nantucket..

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  1. There once was a DHS secretary from nantucket….

    Who said muslim airlines can **** it…
    an electronics ban shall plummet
    their superior service and fare buckets
    delta, united and american will summit
    the mountain of mediocrity set out fo **** us.

  2. A DHS ban on devices
    In response to some fictional crisis
    It hurts M-E-3
    So could this all be
    A plan to let Delta raise prices?

  3. Do the ME3 airlines fly to Canada?

    I need to take a positioning flight to get to their flights anyway and I can just as easily fly to Toronto or Montreal. I know that this is no consolation for folks in NYC or Miami or the DC area etc., but for those of us who were flying to get to one of these airports anyway, flying through Canada would be a good option.

  4. @VVFF Yes, both Etihad and Emirates both fly nonstop to/from AUH and DXB respectively to YYZ. It’s a good observation, and while it won’t help me in NYC I agree that folks elsewhere might just find it a better option.

  5. I decided to fly home this summer on Qatar and Royal Jordanian … gotta return the kindness to these airlines for making open skies successful with low fares and quality competition.

    Royal Jordanian’s list 12 things to do on a 12-hour flight with no laptop or tablet was great. I might add #13: sorry boss, can’t do any spreadsheets! 😀

  6. From a purely practical perspective, the airlines being affected by this ban could offer some form of insurance or guarantee that your electronics will not be lost. That would at least inspire more confidence that someone’s laptop would actually be usable upon arrival.

  7. Signs of desperation among US carriers ( how low can they go ) with pathetic help from DOT.

    If Emirates Etihad RJ ever get chance to fly with in continental US, i would just tell UAL DAL AMR take a hike

  8. If ME3 offer free hi-speed inflight wifi, and free inflight devices (their, not yours) in business and first, and for a fee in economy, and if you have all your files in the cloud, could that not offer a work-around (pun intended)?

  9. Stop writing “Muslim” and then crossing it out, Gary….you high cholesterol sack of puke.

  10. The ME3 airlines should all offer status matches with the US airlines. I am sure many would fly them just out of protest a couple of times atleast. Token protest but better than nothing

  11. Any word from QR? Where’s Big Al Baker when we need him? C’mon Big Al baby, this is a PR opportunity. Grab it, we know how much you like the limelight. I’m Plat with you, I deserve an official airline response.

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