Why Legacy United Flight Attendants are Grumpy and When to Join the Mile High Club

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  1. Gary,

    UA FA’s have had this attitude for a very long time, especially the Hawaiian runs of years gone by. Does anyone really feel sorry for them when it’s they who started this years ago when UA was actually making money.

  2. 1. I am always surprised to see how many people have coffee on the plane. Water that’s been sloshing around in the hold. I don’t think they dump it out. Just add new water. Couldn’t get heated enough for me.

    2. Sex in the bathroom? I have enough trouble doing the expected in that tiny room.

  3. I think it’s ironic that UA FAs are complaining when they are the sorest of the lot and it’s their union that caused these delays all along. As a passenger I crInge when I know I’m getting on an sUA flight as opposed to an sCO flight. They did this to themselves…you make your bed, now you need to lay in it. The best thing that could happen to UA would be voluntary retirements of nearly everyone over 55-60. That’s the fastest way to fix the failed service culture. Most FAs are great until you get into this senior bunch and then it goes downhill fast.

  4. Agree with @ Bob. It was my understanding that the big impasse between sUA and sCO was that CO FAs were expected to work more hours per month and they preferred that (more take home pay overall even at slightly lower pay). sUA FAs balked at this idea and wanted to keep their light flight schedule and push for higher pay. Seems like United clearly prefers sCO.

    I’ve flown about 2mil miles in the last 8 years on a hundred airlines and can count on one hand the number of negative experiences I’ve had with FAs. They were all with sUA battleaxes in business class. Cranky beyond belief.

  5. One time i flew newark to frankfurt on UA, business class. These Old Farts were very slow to serve dinner & by the time they brought their cheap ice cream , damn thing had melted.

    During the mid flight i called for assistance, no one came. I went to the service area of the plane, i see two old flight attendants were snoring away. They heard someone around there, tried their best to stand up but couldn’t , i just went back to my seat.

    Another incident: EWR/BOM business class , flight was 1/2 empty. This fat old air hostess comes with wagon of news papers, so i picked up NY times , WSJ and USA today, this old fart gives me that look and says to me , Sir we have other passengers too.

    I stood up to see there was about 18 or less passengers in business cabin & I told her I don’t see full flight and this is 14 hour flight what am i suppose to do, your on board entertainment sucks. And why do you have so limited number of news papers on long haul international flight. She did not reply and kept walking.

    I did not like her attitude, so i changed my return flight from Delhi to Newark, what a luck i had that same old fart was on the flight also, just my luck.

    I since have never flown on UA or BA or Delta or American.

    Wait, i have another story on American….ha ha

    Flew on AA in 2017 ( after 10 years ) London to JFK, this was in economy class. Dinner is served , she asked me what would like to have for drink, i said water is fine. Then I asked her do you mind if I get glass of Red wine also. she tells me, well you should make up your mind in the beginning.

    I just looked at her, what a waste.

    Flight lands, she is at the door as I get off, tells me hope you had good flight , see you again.

    I told her No Thanks, I flew AA 10 years ago, your service sucked that time after 10 years it is the same.


    Fly asian airlines, get great service and every penny worth it.

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