Making Washington National Airport Worse

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  • I have a hard enough time getting hotels to honor elite breakfast benefits but now this,

    It isn’t often that hoteliers offer a “pre-roll” — once known as a joint — at breakfast along with morning coffee, yogurt and burritos, but something tells me this might be one California trend that catches fire elsewhere.

  • Washington National airport moving to a unified security checkpoint, connecting all gates past security, is good for American Airlines connecting passengers there but not so good for local departing passengers who are likely to face longer security lines eventually due to staffing ‘efficiencies’ (don’t need to overstaff to spread people across more checkpoints). Clearly the curb-to-gate journey has not been made ‘better’:

  • Etihad and Aeroflot will codeshare, work on reciprocal loyalty benefits

  • Hong Kong airport ‘plans passenger segregation’ to curb cross-infection

    Hong Kong airport officials plan to segregate passengers on mainland China flights from other international travellers in an unprecedented move to prevent cross-infection and build a stronger case for reopening the city’s border with the rest of the country.

    Sources who were briefed last week on the plans said the proposal to divide Hong Kong International Airport into two zones also involves assigning staff to either side with no mixing allowed during working hours

  • Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    And here’s another, also on Southwest.

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  1. The manufacturer of my mask had a recall after they discovered that the masks were not preventing the spread of infection, so now I’m without a mask and wondering how many other brands are having similar recalls.

  2. Amazing how WN goes after passengers who don’t follow mask rules, but allows FAs to wear masks with a mesh fabric. With holes big enough to see the nose and mouth through the mask.

    When I sent a photo of the FA to WN, they replied that it was a mask covering the nose and mouth and was thus OK.

    It’s all theater.

  3. Washington National reached its peak after the new terminal was built and before it was renamed. It is still Washington National. If there’s an airport named after President Reagan, it should not be DCA. Consider LAX, PIA, or DEN.

  4. I love how some people are still butthurt over a president first elected over 40 years ago. Reminds me of people when I was a kid who used to still rail against FDR.

    If you’re still complaining about something that happened that long ago, you really do deserve the term “Okay, Boomer.” And I hate that term.

  5. The DCA thing seems like a fix for a non-existent problem. The video is much more useful than their terrible website in explaining the experience. I guess they want us to walk more.

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