Man Caught On Video Stealing Luggage At Baggage Claim In Atlanta

There are videos everywhere in the airport, yet some people think it’s a good place to steal. They’re not entirely wrong since in most airport thefts no one gets caught.

In Atlanta, though, a man caught on camera stealing bags off of a carousel at baggage claim has been identified and is now in custody. He was caught because Atlanta’s airport police were already familiar with him from previous run-ins. Everyone returns to the scene of the crime.

Checked baggage is always ‘at risk’. A CNN camera man learned that when his checked camera equipment was stolen and listed on eBay. The TSA employee who took it forgot to remove the CNN stickers before posting the listing. Baggage handlers have even been caught on video stealing luggage.

In the fall American Airlines had to reimburse a passenger after her clothing turned up for sale on Facebook Marketplace, listed by a baggage handler.

You should always carry your most valuable items on your person, or ideally in a bag that remains underneath the seat in front of you – and board early enough to get overhead bin space within eye shot of your seat so you’ll notice if something is being taken.

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  1. Hmmmm….I wonder why they won’t identify him or show the mugshot. What’s the over/under on a meaningful prosecution here?…..nevermind, don’t answer that.

  2. CNN reporting it was just another case of somebody getting their reparations in a mostly peaceful manner while fighting luggage privilege?

  3. I see the “stop making everything about race” crowd are all overtly thinking about race the second they read this article.

  4. He was identified in the local news. Appears he wasn’t near as prolific as the Phoenix luggage thief from around 15 years ago, who was found with over 1000 pieces of luggage at home.

  5. It really is not stealing when you bring in populations to feed off of in a ravaged frenzy without their basic life needs. The guilty is actually the elite who make ludicrous policies without scientific logic and reasoning. For example, an aircraft would allow one suitcase to stow above your seat and a smaller one to put under the seat in front of you. If the passenger was in that much of a luggage crisis outside of that realm…they could ship prior to their departure thus you scientifically end all baggage checking systems on passenger aircraft. See…when you quit acting like a pig then there is enough resources so individuals do not have to steal. You can see this non scientific logic in their vehicle industry with ludicrous hoarding, no insurance, no maintenance, excess pavement, empty huge buses, wasted drivers, no gas…oh and it looks like the polar ice caps are melting.

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