Uh Oh For American: In One Move, Spirit Airlines Becomes Its Largest Competitor In Miami

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  1. As long as they stay out of D, it’s all good as it creates competition and lowers AA fares. Frontier does the same for MIA-DEN routes – one way on AA is usually $94.

  2. There’s more than enough rif-raf and hoodboogers flying through MIA to keep AA and Spirit happily fed for a long time.

  3. With super-cheap airfares from across North America, it appears that wannabe thugs have declared Spirit Airlines the official airline of gang members. The Spirit Airlines gates at Miami (MIA) are their protected neighborhood turf.

    After a random beating, gang members can take the next flight out and gloat about their victory while sitting in the Spirit Airlines big front seat. After returning home to get a good night’s rest, gang members can (lather, rinse, and repeat) do it all over again the next day while collecting Free Spirit® frequent flyer miles to quickly earn rewards and elite status. Fighting in the airport means there is no annoying hotel or rental car expense to pay. Brawling at the Spirit Airlines departure gates is the new post-COVID cheap entertainment for Gen X, Y, and Z. An airport gang fight at the Spirit Airlines gates helps keep passengers entertained as they wait for their delayed flight to board.

  4. Hopefully this will force AA into BK after stealing from the American taxpayers for thier mismanagement.

  5. @Kevin Spirit Airlines would win a beatdown of AA passengers. Unfortunately, AA passengers are more vulnerable after being beaten, battered, punched, slapped, and pummeled by AA executive management policies.

  6. Flying Spirit airlines is much like riding public transportation after midnight on NYE or St Patty’s. You do it, you regret it, then you find yourself in the same humiliating situation. I have found Spirit to be horrible on certain routes, but it’s usually nonstop and 2ish hours. I can do anything for 2 hrs after being married to my ex. Lol

  7. This is like saying a Grayhound station opened at MIA. . .AA could care less. There will be less fights at AA counters, gates and planes with the Spirt rift raff off of them. They could crush them like the bug they are if they wanted too.

  8. I remain deeply skeptical of the Spirit (and Frontier) business model as long as the major airlines continue to treat their leisure passengers humanely. The consumer-friendly rules changes that AA and the other majors have made make doing business with the majors MUCH more convenient. Spirit offers a crappy product that you don’t want to buy unless the alternative is really expensive. I also agree with the other posters that there are more disruptive passengers on Spirit. Clientele can matter. One of the best advantages of a “better” hotel is that you are less likely to be annoyed by other guests (honestly, the difference in actual room comfort can be small). The same principle applies to airlines.

  9. Look in the background of the fight video at MIA. The store’s sign says “Urban Decay”. How appropriate…

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