Man Dressed Up As Ronald McDonald To Go Through Airport Security After Losing A Bet

A man lost a bet and had to go to the airport and fly home dressed up as Ronald McDonald. And naturally there’s video of the whole thing. It all starts applying makeup at a Party City store and then heading off. Everything is going great until airport security.

The TSA was a real spoil sport here. They wouldn’t let him through security without taking his makeup off, ostensibly because they needed to match his face to his ID. He left and then returned looking defeated. Although actually proceeding through the TSA nude-o-scope as a well-masked fast food icon was well worth the effort.

my friend lost a bet, so we forced him to go through airport security dressed as Ronald McDonald from r/funny

There’s a great tradition of McDonalds and air travel, not least of which United offering McDonalds on Orlando flights in the 90s with specially-designed galley carts to keep burger patties hot without warming up cold items or making buns soggy.

It’s somewhat ironic though that the clowns at TSA would be the spoilsports in this prank. And post-pandemic shouldn’t every airport at least have a (well-sanitized) Playland with ball pit?

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  1. Once people stopped flying United Airlines, they rarely experienced a flashback to “soggy buns” or most other triggers of in-flight panic attacks. However, the putrid smell of a McDonald’s meal brought on board by any passenger for lunch can trigger and exacerbate an adverse psychologic flashback and panic attack, especially for passengers who have previous symptoms of PTSD such as:
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