Man Stabs Passenger With Smelly Feet

Apparently a passenger onboard a Russian domestic flight took off his shoes and then his socks and his feet smelled pretty bad.

A fellow passenger, offended by the smell, started an argument with the man on their flight from Moscow to Kaliningrad and that argument continued even as the plane landed and everyone disembarked.

Feet on the Bulkhead on an American Airlines Flight — Not in Russia

The passenger who took off their socks ended up “in hospital with a serious stab wound” as the fight continued into the Khrabrovo Airport parking lot. The assailant “stabbed his opponent in the chest area, causing a penetrating wound with damage to the heart.” The injured passenger fought back with “a wooden beam with nails, driven into it” that he found on the ground.

The Kaliningrad police report doesn’t identify the airline or flight where this took place. The Moscow – Kaliningrad route is served by Aeroflot, Ural Airlines, UTair, Nordavia, and S7 if including service from all 3 Moscow-area airports.

This all occurred on a 686 mile flight, the distance of Philadelphia – Chicago.

Kaliningrad police “calls the inhabitants of the region to solve any conflicts that arise peacefully! Violence and aggression do not lead to anything good!”

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  1. I can’t tell you how many tires I’ve punctured rolling over wooden beams with exposed nails in airport parking lots, looks like there are positives from having them laying around.

  2. Man stabs passenger with smelly feet (huh??)
    I didn’t know smelly feet could be used to stab someone. This might prompt the TSA to add smelly feet to the list of prohibited items as they can be used as a weapon.

    Gary- please fix the title. How about:
    Passenger with smelly feet stabbed by fellow passenger
    Passenger with smelly feet gets stabbed after flight
    Passenger stabs man with smelly feet after flight
    Smelly footed passenger stabbed after flight by another passenger….

    (A panda walks into a bar. Eat shoots and leaves.)

  3. Russia was already on my own travel ban list. I don’t even feel safe signing up for Russian based frequent flyer programs.

  4. So can non smelly feet be used to stab someone, or do only smelly feet work. What is the right amount of smelliness to indicate that the feet can be used for stabbing?

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