A Whole New Level Of Awful Passenger Behavior Inflight

With business travel largely grounded, airlines report that it’s largely once a year flyers in the skies. There’s even a surprisingly low portion of passengers who belong to a frequent flyer program. Delta, American, and United are beginning to resemble U.K. holiday airlines full of package tourists. And they haven’t all gotten the memo about how to behave on a plane or in polite company.

You’d think the worst thing you might do on a plane is stick your bare beet up on the bulkhead, but trust me it’s not. Now if there’s one thing that sets people off, it’s bare feet on a plane. In Russia one passenger actually stabbed another over bare smelly feet.

I’m sure there are pretty feet out there, one American Airlines flight attendant sells photos of hers online. But for all of you first time leisure travels out there,

  • Keep your shoes on.

  • If you take your shoes off, keep your socks on.

  • If you take your socks off, keep your feet in your own space.

This last point is super important. Do not put your feet out into the aisle. Don’t go barefoot into the lavatory. Don’t stick your feet in between the arm rests of the row in front of you. And don’t stick them out so someone can massage them, either. Wait.. what?

Every basic warning exists because someone has done it before, like Mitt Romney ironing his clothes while wearing them. But an inflight foot massage in economy? This may be the worst thing I’ve ever seen on a plane.

This is a whole new entry in ‘what’s grosser than gross?’

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  1. Recently I scored and exit row seat, tall guy behind me thought it perfectly fine to put his giant hiking shoe clad foot up on the arm rest on seat next to me that I was not seated in, for me to stare at for two hours. He was mistaken, and a jerk when I informed the flight staff. I’m not sorry.

  2. Came here expecting to see something much worse than this…

    Even though this is gross…didn’t match the hype.

  3. Recently I scored an exit seat. Tall man behind me also in exit row thought nothing of placing his giant hiking shoe clad foot up on the armrest next to me that I was not seated in, leaving me to stare at his shoe and audacity for 2 hours. I informed the flight attendant non-verbally who saw the absurdity and she quickly put an end to it. Not sorry.

  4. Many passengers believe that multi-row armrest foot massages are permitted when their their aircraft is above 10,000 feet and the seatbelt light is not illuminated.

  5. No different in FC—I had mama’s favorite boy seated behind with his hoof on the end of my arm rest; directly in my face when I reclined the seat. As nasty looks did not phase him, I turned completely around and loudly informed him if he put foot on my arm rest one more time, I would tear off his foot!

    Just as bad to see passengers in Amtrak dining cars dressed and acting as if they were from the same hillbilly clan-wearing “wife beater” shirts; shorts; dirty baseball caps turned sideways; shower clogs revealing Corns and Bunyans surrounded by unclipped, overgrown toe nails-no socks); tattoos galore. Hard to tell difference between men and women, as all had won the obesity contest; reeking of beer and cigarettes, fracturing the King’s English. So much for an acceptable level of public decorum. Just like flying, no crew member ever interceded, despite the obvious obnoxious picture.

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