Man Whose Photo Appeared Taped On Side Of Southwest Passenger’s Luggage Revealed [Roundup]

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  1. I have no evidence, but my guess is that this was a practical joke gone awry. Zachary’s buddy taped his photo to the wrong red bag.

  2. The Twitter post regarding the climate idiots reminds me that Bertrand Russell informed us that, “men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education.” Also, from George Orwell, “There are notions so foolish that only an intellectual will believe them.”

  3. Yawn. I feel pity for anyone who would care about this goofy story. Screwballs are everywhere. The more attention they’re given, the more bold they might become. Don’t remember if her name & address were on a luggage tag … but I’d be down at the pound right now picking out a great big dog to come live with me,

  4. If Zachary had nothing to do with his photo being taped to the side of this woman’s bag, these articles could give rise to a lawsuit for invasion of privacy. Look before you leap!

  5. Wild guess. The guy in the pictures tapes his picture to his luggage so he can find it on the carousel. It come off and a baggage handler tapes it back on but gets the wrong bag.

  6. I’m not convinced it is the same person. Searching millions of images and finding a face that is close is not surprising. There may be multiple people with the similar degrees of similarity out there.

  7. I flew out of YYZ last summer- the TAA CEO is completely correct. On the day I flew last summer, over 80% of the flights were delayed or canceled.

    Looking at the board now, it looks like that has improved to only 60% delayed or canceled- that is a doubling on-time performance! Still an absolute fiasco, but facts are facts…

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