The “American Airlines Credit Card” Will No Longer Be Accepted For Payment Online By American Airlines

Did you know that American Airlines has its own credit card, aside from the Barclays and Citibank-issued AAdvantage cards?

The American Airlines Credit Card stopped taking applications in May. It’s a credit card used only for purchases with American. In other words, it’s a store card like a Macy’s credit card or a Best Buy card.

It’s a no annual fee card that offers six months to pay for tickets, usable at ticket counters, in lounges and at

While there’s no interest on charges of $150 or more paid in full within 6 months, interest accrues on balances beyond that at a rate of approximately 30%.

Buy Now Pay Later was big even before the pandemic, with up to 15% of people financing their vacations. This exploded in an era of zero interest rates, but the business model faced challenges with rising rates.

According to an internal memo, American Airlines is even dropping the ability to pay with the American Airlines Credit Card at Anyone wishing to use an existing card account will have to call reservations.

There’s something strange about not being able to use an American Airlines Credit Card on the American Airlines website, but it suggests that this product – no longer open to new applications – is even further on the way out.

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  1. Gary, you added one of the two missing words. Now add the word “No” and your headline will agree with your story.

  2. We don’t come to this site for perfect grammar. We’ve all experienced autocorrect changing what we wrote to the wrong word. Gary provides a lot of useful content at no cost to readers. Let’s cut Gary some slack. He’s earned it.

  3. Always have found Gary’s articles very interesting and helpful.
    The autocorrect changing of the words by the cellphone, it’s “peccata minuta” compared to the article contents.

  4. Im not finding anything about this online, nor on their website. Where did you find this information?
    And by the way… My card can be used anywhere, not just to buy tickets as your article suggests. Ive used it most recently to pay for gas. Hotels, restaurants, amazon purchases. Someone gave you bad information.

  5. Lorrie: “…aside from the Barclays and Citibank-issued AAdvantage cards?” Perhaps you have one of these?

  6. I received a letter last week that the program will end sometime in 2024.

  7. My parents had one and I was listed as a user because my Mother was afraid to fly and my Dad wouldn’t travel without her, so I used it all through college and much of my adult years. Then they passed and so did my access, it was a great option especially as an out of state college student. It also jump started my credit. American seems to be on the down slide. I pretty much fly Southwest domestic and foreign airlines internationally and United because I dated a United Pilot for years and we’re still friends. Delta occasionally and Frontier never again.

  8. Good heavens. I seem to remember United Airlines got rid of their credit card, issued by First Chicago, something like 20 years ago when, through a series of mergers, Chase ended up buying the legacy of First Chicago.

  9. aa airlines is omg… delayed/cancelled flights! Horrible customer service! Not sure if I will fly again with aa

  10. You’re facts are incorrect. I have this card and you can still use this card to buy tickets into that fall and then you must call the reps to keep using it until it’s shut down next year. Please fact check before posting next time. The letter I received yesterday has a clear timeline for phaseout of this card.

  11. The 6 months no interest was great. Allows me to purchase expensive premium cabin tickets without having to make the large cash outlay up front (or, worse, incur interest). Hard to see how this anything but a customer unfriendly move.

  12. I have this card and hardly use it now that I live in Seattle.
    I got a letter from them on Friday saying they’re discontinuing this card and closing all accounts later this year.

  13. AA is using a third party Chinese company to run sales and reservations, and that company is driving AA to the ground.
    Our company is no longer allowing employees to book corporate travel with American due to changing policy and affiliations with China.

  14. This article is false. I have a AA credit card and I literally just used this credit card over the weekend to pay for hotel, car rental and flight for my Denver trip.. please investigate before spreading lies

  15. I’ve had this card for approximately 6 years as a way to pay for unexpected travel. It is a great deal for those things. Even used it for overweight baggage a few times. My credit wasn’t the best, so I couldn’t get the Barclays AA Visa card, so this was a good fall back.
    Sad to see I won’t be able to use it without speaking to someone.

  16. Don’t fly frequently but I was wondering why they were peddling their credit card pretty hard back in May. I almost fell for it too. Well, there you go!

  17. @Andres, that is a complete lie. Stop spreading false information. Hopefully they’ll sue you for liable.

  18. Geez, the article is correct.

    The card in question is called “American Airlines Credit Card” and despite the name it is a store card. It didn’t offer perks like cashback or points (something the Amazon store card is great for), but I agree with those who liked the six month payment option–it got me out of jams a few times.

    I received a letter in the mail as well; we can use the card until October, though I don’t know when it will be cancelled (I threw the letter out). That is how I came across this article, was just looking it up!

    Now I am wondering if I should cancel it right away or book a trip until October…

  19. I also received the letter. You can make purchases until October/2023. The card will close in 2024. This is not a credit card you can use anywhere. It is strictly for purchasing flights through American Airlines. The other cards they offer are major credit cards you can use anywhere. Most seem to have an annual fee of $99. The Aviator and Mileup cards do not have an annual fee.

  20. This is basically a store card that cannot be used anywhere like a Mastercard or visa on the AA website when you go to purchase your ticket the aa credit card is no longer listed but it does say as of Oct 13 you can use the card by calling reservations directly until they phase out the card completely

  21. i will be sad to see this card end. Ive had mine about 12 years. I just recently used it in november 2023 at a sky lounge in miami. Yes, because that was in PERSON. the card will be closed completely in 2024. I have used it for luggage, snacks on flights, hotels and car rentals as well. I really loved the 6 month – no interest.

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