Mandy Moore’s Father Retires From The Cockpit At American Airlines

Mandy Moore’s father just flew his last flight as a Captain for American Airlines. After 42 years of flying Captain Don Moore reached age 65 and mandatory retirement for a commercial airline pilot.

In 2007 the Fair Treatment for Experienced Pilots Act raised the mandatory retirement age from 60 to 65. The theory is that age brings deterioration in depth perception, eyesight, stamina, balance, hearing and other abilities. But pilots go through physicals, and there are more advanced tests when the rules for early retirement were first developed. We don’t actually test this deterioration, we assume it.

A few weeks ago American Airlines would have sent Captain Moore a catalogue from which to select his retirement gift. He was likely met by his crew base’s chief pilot to congratulate him.

With no more ‘eight hours bottle to throttle’ he can relax and toast his retirement.

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  1. Well Done Captain. Enjoy the next Chapter of your Life. You have looked after millions of people. Be Happy!

  2. @Levy, my question, too. But, whoever, congratulations or condolences to Captain Moore (depending on whether he wished to retire or not).

  3. I was the same, who is this person Mandy Moore? And her father retired. and…huh? I guess I’m supposed to give a Facebook hug and stuff.

  4. Nobody thinks you’re cool for not knowing who Mandy Moore is. For the record I have never heard the name, but looking at her works, I have seen some of the movies she was in.

    Also, the misogynist in me wants to chime in and say she is not particularly good looking.

  5. Is everyone trying to get some kind of strange street cred by saying they don’t know who she is? Not everyone knows her but she is a public figure. When I don’t know who someone is, I look them up. I don’t go online to declare I don’t know a person.

  6. I used to think I was out of it for not knowing very many pop culture stars, but then I come here and discover that at least I know who Mandy Moore is and have known she’s been a thing for at least 20 years. I may not be “cool” and have heard of more than two artists on NPRs “Best Albums of 2021”, but I do know that. (And for the record, NPR’s “Best Albums” list may be the most pretentious list of all time, so I’m proud of not knowing. Record critics are almost always pretentious pricks, NPRs infinitely more so.)

    As for Moore not being particularly good looking – you sir, deserve to have your Man-Card revoked. Good day!

  7. Cheers Capt. Moore for your next chapter!
    My Dad was a pilot for Pan Am for 35 years, and after he retired he hoped every phone call was going to be dispatch calling him in for another trip. He adored his aviation career and flew aircraft from flying boats to 707’s.

  8. Don’t know any of her work but certainly know who she is (and I’m almost 64). My experience with her was when I was at a business dinner in Austin and she plus Andy Roddick (who she was dating at the time) were at a nearby table.

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