Man’s Gun Went Off At TSA Security. He Ran Off, But.. Oops, Left His Boarding Pass Behind [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • He literally left behind his boarding pass with his name on it (though presumably would have been identified via facial recognition anyway). Oh, and the gun was stolen.

  • Advice for travel bloggers: learn to use AI tools, but do not let them do all your writing. Part of the writing process is the thinking process, and you don’t want to lose your ability to think.

  • American Airlines lost a man’s… prosthetic leg. And refused to compensate for it, natch. (Business Insider)

  • United will put more business class seats into (some) new 787s

  • These would be cool flights.

  • This made me smile.

  • This is only half true.

    There’s no disputing that taste buds are dulled at altitude but that’s only one factor in why “airplane food tastes terrible.” Second is that you’re limited in ingredients and usually reheating in a small space rather than making fresh foods (soups generally work well). Third is that… airlines frequently do not spend very much on food. There are really great meals in the sky.. but there are generally better galleys to prepare them in and crew working with better ingredients.

  • Passenger complaints about TSA screening have nearly doubled in the past year

  • Man charged with making bomb threat at Pittsburgh International Airport He missed his flight.

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  1. As you note, soups work really well and yet they just don’t show up very often. 10/10 I’m happier with a soup appetizer than a random, cold “shrimp of questionable origin/quality” appetizer. This seems like low-hanging fruit since soups are cheap and easy to make/transport.

  2. About the fellow with the gun going off at the TSA checkpoint in Atlanta’s airport:

    It’s hard to believe one could be so stupid as to bring a loaded handgun to the airport and not know what he’s doing. But yet, here it is. And on top of that, he left his identifying boarding pass behind when he ran.

    But that’s maybe why our prisons and jails are full of so many mentally challenged people.

  3. My colleague ten years ago dropped out of school to work for an AI content writing company that served a number of enterprise clients. AI writing has been around for a long time. ChatGPT is just the newest form. If you need to reformat bullet points into prose, it gets the job done better than a guy who makes typos every third sentence and excuses himself by saying this blog is not his day job, even though this blog generates 7 to 8 figures of annual recurring revenue.

  4. The airport is Stansted, not Stansaid. Methinks you got took on this one Gary.

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