Spirit Airlines Passenger Makes Themselves Comfy, Kicks Feet Up Into The Aisle

Planes are mostly full, and there’s not a lot of room in the seats. You can be crammed inside a metal tube for hours at a time, and little comforts can make a big difference. For instance, I dress much more comfortably than I did when I was a kid (my mother used to make me wear a jacket and tie when I flew!) and I always bring my own bottle of water so I don’t have to rely on cabin crew to stay hydrated.

Some people have much more detailed regiments, from bringing pillows, eye shades, games and even meals – avoiding peanut butter or anything that TSA might consider a liquid, you can cater a picnic that’s nicer than most of what you’ll find inside the terminal for a lot less. Having a civilized meal, on a disposable table cloth even, can create a sense of control and calm in an otherwise stressful situation.

One Spirit Airlines passenger, though, took matters to extremes. Spirit Airlines offers less legroom than other airlines. While Southwest might give you 32 inches of pitch (the distance from seat back to seat back), American Airlines, Delta and United usually offer just 30 inches. Spirit? 28.

So if you want to be comfortable on a Spirit flight, you’re going to need an aisle seat – and to make full use of stretching into the aisle. And once you’re planning to to that, why not kick your feet up and enjoy… with your very own portable ottoman?

This probably isn’t going to work on most flights and with most cabin crew. You’re obstructing egress in the aisle. Other passengers need to get by, and flight attendants are going to be bringing the galley cart down the aisle (beverages are not complimentary).

And even with this leg rest, you’re probably still not going to be comfy on the longest Spirit Airlines flights. You may have given yourself permission to use a bit of extra space, and your shoes may be off and at least one leg kicked up. But those seats do not recline (Spirit claims they are ‘pre-reclined’) and the seat backs are thin and hard. Try to keep those flights under three hours, even bringing your own extra amenities.

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  1. the only thing trashier than spirit is the garbage that flies on them.

    Its frustrating that spirit caters and lets people travel who have no business leaving their county.

  2. I sprained my ankle on a trip (Grade 3) and this picture could have been of me. (I moved it during service.)

  3. Let’s have a broader prospective here, not every Spirit flight looks this way when it comes to the people who use this Airline, but of course the aisle must be clear for safety and convenience measures at all times.

  4. Spirit Airlines is the Grey Hound buss lines or the $20 bus to NYC from DC of airlines.

    I have been on terrible busses from Grey Hound & to NYC busses from DC. However Greyhound has stepped up their busses.
    Spirit is like the airport lounge.
    I wear my heaviest stuff, a light coat or sweater/ ls shirt, jeans, socks and crocs. Everyone in my family has a water bottle, self care package while on the plane (tissues, for nose & bottom, cough drops, allergy pills, Imodium, digestive, calm gummies, lotion, sleep mask, head phones, cords and portable battery pack).
    And I pack lil luxuries for the airline crew as well- like a Thank you- most of the time they treat you pretty well.
    Travel items nice lotion, first aid kit, eye mask/ face/ pillow mist, Starbucks gift cards,

  5. Spirit fir more than 2 hours is NOT an option. Oit of FLL,LGA or EWR taking your life in your hands on and off the plane

  6. A little too dramatic or harsh on Spirit. I fly out of LGA on Spirit on a regular basis and here I still am. Not a luxury airline for sure but for a 2 hours or so flight, I will get on Spirit. Give Spirit a .

  7. Entitled people being rude to others has become the norm, not that it’s right, but it’s so common place today, decent people TRY and ignore these types. Some do things JUST to draw attention to themselves to prove to themselves they are above the common folks. Whatever you call it, it’s just being Rude !

  8. There is nothing complimentar about airlines.

    There’s also nothing complementary, not even the nuts.

    Stop using the word complimentary… as 9/10 times that’s not the right word.

  9. Just came back from California. Went there on SPIRIT and returned th same way. Never again. 21/2 hour delay going 1/2 hour delay coming back. No compensation given . SPIRIT is the worst airline and I will spend the few dollars more to ride another airline next vacation.

  10. Many “rich, high class” people don’t spend their wealth or time being obvious.

  11. In response to Vs, there is a good chance that it is them. If you zoom in you can see that the ankle is swollen to the size of a grapefruit. This person wasn’t just kicking up their feet. I’d bet they had permission from the aircrew to put their foot up like that. People need to mind their business and worry about themselves

  12. The comments here appear to be those of nothing but Spirit customers from the grammar.

  13. U get what pay for…..each an every time i fly spirit…i be select the big front seats only or the emergency exit row seats….

  14. I’m very happy flying Spirit. If you know how to do it, it is very good. I always buy a Big Seat, take a tablet loaded with movies or t.v. shows, earphones, three water bottles and a bag of Goldfish. The staff are very kind. I fly Delta first class if it’s faster or goes to a destination that isn’t served by Spirit, so it’s funny to see the holier-than-thou set trashing an airline and its patrons for offering lower rates by cutting minor things. Get over your pompous selves.

  15. Hard believe how many people find it difficult to sit in seat and get along with everyone for 2-3 hours.. Gotten bad as you know in past 3 years or so.

  16. Lot of today’s passengers are narcissists,maybe they should take a bus.

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