Marriott Sending Out Promotions for More Points and Faster Elite Status

Some members are really motivated by points (redemption) and others are motivated by better treatment (status). If a program offers members more than usual for taking certain actions during a specific period of time, they’re going to get more of those actions.

And you can test customer behavior, how much do you need to offer? which customers respond best to which kinds of offers? Some people are status-hungry and always stretching to keep or earn more status, while others will naturally requalify without much effort. The former are more likely to be incentivized with an elite fast track offer, the latter aren’t (but might be swayed by bonus points, unless they’re already earning so many points they don’t value more at the margin).

You’ll often by the way see elite status fast track offers when a program is behind in its expectations for business from its elite customers, although that’s not always the case.

Marriott is sending out targeted offers for faster status and in some cases bonus points. Offers that we’ve seen reported include:

  • Double elite qualifying nights through May 31
  • Double elite qualifying nights through April 30
  • Up to 18,000 bonus points with 3 stays
  • Up to 22,500 bonus points with 3 stays

Did you receive an offer? Was it one of these four, or something else? I still haven’t received anything from Marriott.

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  1. Nevermind, I was mistaken (no email). When I logged in to my account, I see – Get 6,000 bonus points after one stay*, 7,500 additional points after your second stay and 9,000 more points after your third stay. For a total of 22,500 points. Its the offer I would prefer since I am a lifetime Tit.

  2. Mine is different. Just received the email couple of hours ago: “Earn up to 10 bonus Elite Night Credits. You’ll earn five Elite Night Credits when you complete one stay and an additional five Elite Night Credits after your second stay.”
    Love this!

  3. Marriott needs to replace or return those defecting because of the devaluation of the program and corresponding Elite status. SPG Lifetime Platinum with less than 750 lifetime nights now relegated to mid tier status. Long term loyalty rewards rescinded. You can fool some of the people. some of the time…..

  4. I got the double elite nights through May 31st. I have 21 nights already booked and Im sure I will have a few more. I will hit 75 nights regardless and dont see the value in trying to obtain ambassador. So would rather get the points. Guess I will re-qualify easily this year.

  5. The simple thing is to IMPROVE service, fix the darned website.
    Upgrades needed on all aspects of Marriott. But I am SPG and used to higher levels of service in all regards.
    Better idea….. spin off SPG….and we would all be happy. Win-win all the way around.

  6. Double elite qualifying nights through May 31

    Got quite a few nights planned between now and then, will make it a lot easier to requalify for Platinum Premier… erm… Titanium

  7. My offer-
    Redeem Suite Night Awards and have them denied. Request best upgrade at check-in and be told that the room was upgraded; then realize it was the room booked when you get to it.
    Utilize the Lounge (Club or Executive) and be told they are over capacity and come back in an hour.
    Request welcome amenity points and they won’t post.

  8. 22,500 points after 3 stays. I didn’t receive via email but logged in and checked promotions and it was there. Would have preferred the Elite qualifying bonuses as I’m currently Plat Premier but not lifetime yet.

  9. I got 2 free nights after 2 paid stays, valued up to 35K points per night. Platinum Pro Elite status.

  10. 10 elite nights for 2 stays, aka gold in two stays with CC nights. I qualified for gold with head in bed nights last year. My gf has all the work travel this year, so we’ll be crediting all nights to her after easy gold re-qual for me.

  11. I just had a flashback to when Marriott would let you call in and be switched to whatever promotion you preferred.

    Still an option or just some good old fashioned nostalgia? Anybody tried it with this one?

  12. Nada, but ever since I became a Lifetime Platinum Premier, I haven’t gotten many promotion offers from them.

  13. Lifetime Platinum and a Platinum Premier Elite here. Got nothing like the other Platinum Premier members.

    But, then again, par for the course by now. They are too busy shuffling chairs and changing the color of the drapes to have anything functional anymore.

  14. I am Platinum Premier Elite + Ambassador (and Life-Time Platinum) and I received the Double Elite Night Credits through May 31st. This does nothing for me, I would much rather have the bonus points. SIgh….really hoping for another promotion once Bonvoy is up and running.

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