Rihanna Slams American Airlines First Class Passenger For Watching the Superbowl

Rihanna reportedly turned down performing at the Superbowl for its half time show in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick’s protests during the national anthem.

You don’t need to take sides in that discussion, or have an opinion on Rihanna, to find it noteworthy that not only wasn’t she at the Superbowl she was flying during the Superbowl — and from the looks of things, on board an American Airlines Airbus A321T in first class.

American Airlines Airbus A321T First Class

And while American was running some three-cabin narrowbody A321Ts in and out of Atlanta for the big event (which didn’t sell super well, and became a nonrev’s dream) timing during the game suggests she was most likely flying between Los Angeles (or less likely San Francisco) and New York.

American Airlines offers live television inflight and a passenger drew Rihanna’s ire by watching the game.

She even labeled our inflight hero a ‘weirdo’ in her instagram story.

I can only dream of being attacked on Instagram by Rihanna while inflight on American Airlines. And that’s even though I’m only marginally aware of who Rihanna is.

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  1. You can always tell when you are dealing with someone who harbors their own biases, but want to portrait themselves as being without prejudice. They are not capable of having an intelligent debate without accusing the opposing of being some kind of “ist” such as a sexist or racist and they can not help themselves by refraining of calling the other person derogatory names. Take @John for example. I made my case without using any derogatory names and accusing anyone of being any kind “ist”, but in his rebuttal he said “You, the other bigots in these comments” and
    “That assumption is racist” making it appear that my thoughts were racist. He also said “Just uppity Blacks making trouble as far as your concerned” which again makes it sound like I am a racist. At no time did I mention anything about blacks or I especially never used the term uppity blacks. I merely expressed that I believe that the American flag and the national anthem should never be disrespected in order to promote an agenda. There are tons of ways to protest but I do not feel that disrespecting our flag is the right way to do it. My protest is to not watch the NFL. Rihannas protest was not to perform at the Super Bowl.

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