Marriott’s Fall Promotion Is Out, And You Should Register Even If You Don’t Stay At Marriotts

Marriott is out with its fall promotion, and you should register now.

  • 1,500 bonus points per stay
  • Plus 3,000 bonus points for every 3 hotel brands stayed at
  • Register by November 22
  • Stay September 12 – December 6, 2023

You should register even if you don’t have any Marriott stays planned this year because one might crop up, and you will never remember to go back and register later. It’s easy and quick to register now, and if you don’t you may wind up losing out on points later.

Hilton’s fall promotion is out and offering double points at all hotels, and triple points at many, which is generally a far richer offer.

I value Marriott points at 6/10ths of a cent apiece, making 1,500 points worth $9. That’s honestly not much per stay (not even per night!). 3,000 bonus points for staying at 3 brands is worth $18. That doesn’t seem like it’s nearly enough to get you to make an effort to stay at a third brand if you’re already staying at two?

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  1. (1) At least there is a promotion.
    (2) As always, award stays are excluded. This is in a contrast to Hilton: I just got 4,000 bonus HHonors points for 1 night award stay in Hilton Bentley South Beach where resort fees were waived. Would this be a Marriott during the promotion, I would not receive even 1,500 Marriott points (about the same value as the Hilton points) and would also be charged the resort fee..
    Should we now wait for the Hyatt promo?

  2. I find the promos interesting not just because of my personal point-earning potential, but because of their relevance as a forward-looking indicator of travel demand (and thus pricing). The chains have the out-month booking data already in hand when they put together the relevant promos, so the extent of the promo indicates how much they think they need to juice demand. Seeing 2-3x from Hilton and at least something (lol) from MR says to me that they’re expecting demand to cool from the wild levels we’ve been seeing, which would hopefully mean that we see ADRs come down and availability go up – which would be good news for those of us who like to travel on our own dime (or dynamically-priced award redemptions).

  3. A Note About This Promotion
    We’re sorry, but there was an error in directing you to this promotion.

    The reason for this error could be:

    You’re trying to access a miles promotion and are a points-earner, or vice versa
    You are not eligible for this promotion
    This promotion has expired

  4. Of course I’ll register, but I prefer to work on the Hilton Milestones for this year and lifetime.

  5. Sorry, we can’t find the page you requested.
    You may have received this message because this page you seek is no longer available on Marriott website.

  6. I got the same error or not qualified message. Must be a targeted promotion. I haven’t qualified for any of the promotions this year. I am a titanium member. They must be keeping their frequent travelers away from these promotions. Not a good policy…guess I’ll go back to Hilton

  7. @Tom @Freed I get the same error message. I guess this promo is Targeted? I am earning bonus points for the 2K/5K weekend stay promo thru 9/30/23 though, so maybe that disqualifies me from enrolling for this promo? I’m just a lowly Silver too, so maybe that’s it?

  8. Clicked on the link, hit register and it errors out but then go back to the link click register and it shows my progress and that I’m enrolled. Seems reflective of how accurate they will track this bonus.

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