Marriott’s One Shot Deal For Lifetime 75 Night Status Has Posted

Under the new Marriott program all lifetime elites kept their current lifetime status from either program and everyone had until December 31 to earn lifetime status under old program rules despite the new program requiring more elite nights than Starwood had insisted upon and no longer required minimum points for status as Marriott had.

One quirk of the new program though is that it will not offer lifetime status higher than Platinum (50 nights). Legacy Marriott lifetime Platinums were 75 night platinums so got to keep lifetime 75 night elite. Starwood members with similar lifetime activity nearly lost their cookies over this, since Starwood elites weren’t being given the opportunity to earn lifetime 75 night status no matter how much activity they had had. Members petitioned program leadership to reverse course and they did so.

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The good news is that Marriott updated member accounts with this higher lifetime status over this weekend. (HT: Alex D.)

@boilernuke confirms this as well.

It was never a foregone conclusion this would actually happen correctly. At one point marketing geniuses in Bethesda were telling members they would have to requalify for lifetime status every year.

If you’re supposed to have lifetime Platinum Premier status and your account hasn’t been updated you’ll need to follow up with Marriott, always a frustrating experience.

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  1. Thanks. I am shocked they got this right. 770 nights and 2.1M points and it’s now showing lifetime platinum premier. Appreciate the heads up.

  2. Just to confirm, we are still waiting for them to update regular lifetime status, correct? I’ve now got 11 years (1 spg, 1 Marriott 2018). Still says lifetime gold but has my 11 years in there?? Assuming this will update mid feb?

  3. Hey Gary,
    Thank you for the article! I thought of this last night and can report back that mine shows as you said “Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite” this morning – after 11 years of platinum and 2303 nights!

  4. Looks like I may miss it by 8 nights. The year end was so confusing with Marriott for me. I should at a minimum show 10 years and 742 nights. I would have made it if not for the fact they took away credit for more than one room. Hoping they will be flexible with a loyal SPG member.

  5. I am not “seeing” on my Marriott page what the others are posting., the only thing I see is recap

    4406 night 29 years as silver gold PLT and 18 years as PLT ”

    And Let PP which no matter what lipstick you put on it I am fine with that especially international trade where it really means something

  6. I am excited to move on to Hyatt and have LTPPE as a good backup worst case. I struggle with giving any more money to this unethical and tone deaf company.

  7. 1) That’s why I still primarily read this blog because of updates like this and like Lee mentioned, appreciate the heads up;

    2) UA-NYC: I share the exact sentiments with you. After 134 nights last year with legacy SPG and $10,000 in spend, I refuse to give another penny more to Marriott now that I’ve achieved LTPPE. Onto Hyatt now to work towards lifetime globalist. I WILL go out of my way to NOT stay with a Marriott so this LTPPE status is an excellent back up.

  8. I have 978 bights and well over 2 million earned ponts but only have 8 years of platinium elite. My understanding is that prior to the 750 nights and 10 years platinium elite it was anyone with over 750 nights and 3 million points was grandfathered in yo Lifetime Platinium Premier Elite. Is this correct or was this another change that was made. It says that I am a Platinium Premier Elite but it shows below

    You are Platinum Premier Elite
    Member since 1999

    The Good Life. Better.
    You’ve made it to Platinum Premier Elite.
    See your Benefits
    1 NIGHTS
    Next Up: Ambassador Service
    Reach 100 nights + 20,000 qualifying dollars to enjoy a whole new level of service.

    You are Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite

  9. Also confirming that as a former SPG Lifetime Gold, my MR status had been showing Lifetime Silver until this weekend and has also updated to the correct status (Lifetime Gold).

  10. Almost messaged you myself early this morning— I am one of the longtime SPG loyalists who petitioned for this equal treatment. I’m still surprised you weren’t more sympathetic to those of us who demonstrated the same loyalty over the years as our Marriott brethren but would have been denied. Lord knows Marriott has had missteps in this merger but IMHO this is one thing they got right.

  11. @Michael Miller – it just took (via legacy Marriott) 750 nights + 2 MM points. Seems like you are well over that threshold.

    # of years only matter for those folks looking to qualify via the “combined” method (750 nights + 10 total years of Marriott Gold OR Plat / SPG Plat years)

  12. Thank you, Gary. I’m currently staying at the Hyatt Zilara Cancun, a wonderful place, and after reading your post this morning, I pulled up my Marriott account to see that I am Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite (thanks to Starwood stays mostly). So does that make me a Lifetime Titanium Bonvoy in a few weeks? Sorry I just can’t keep up with all the changes let alone what my Amex and Chase cards will be morphing into.

  13. 1/28/19 my account showed Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite, 954 Lifetime Nights with 13 years Platinum, relieved. Today 1/29/19 the Lifetime status symbol is gone and is showing your Lifetime Platinum Elite, what?! Has anyone experienced this confusion, or been upgraded to Lifetime Titanium yet?

  14. Do you know if the current update Is this a mistake. I show that I earned lifetime platinum…. There are two years in question.

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