Matt Lauer Walks Into An Airplane Lavatory, and…

Lauer recalls on the Tonight Show:

“I get up to go, and [a] guy kinda beats me in there, in the bathroom. So, I’m waiting and then someone waits behind me, and maybe one other person. The guy comes out of the bathroom, I acknowledge him and I go in. I shut the door,” Lauer said. “And there’s no turbulence by the way. This guy has urinated all over the seat of the toilet.”

And thus the dilemma. “I can’t leave, because now they’re gonna think, ‘Matt Lauer peed all over the seat!'” Lauer said. So he felt he had no choice but to clean up this other guy’s mess.

Me thinks he’s going on national television protesting just a little too hard that “wasn’t me.”

But in any case that’s why you always wear shoes when visiting an airplane lavatory.

(HT: MSYGirl on Milepoint)

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  1. If some guy “beats me in the bathroom” I wouldn’t be talking about it on national TV. But hey, that’s just me.

  2. Yeah sure the guy with the Japanese style footwear is the gross pig not the scumbag passive aggressive douche who pissed all over the place lol

    “MANY” Americans are d…. Not all but “MANY”. Fill in the blank

  3. yeah, I’m with HansGolden here. You walk right back out and say, “yuck, I wouldn’t use that bathroom if I were you.”
    If you have to go really bad and there is no other bathroom available, I guess that’s when you’re forced to clean up the mess the other person made.

  4. I’m with HansGolden and Jamie…the Japanese footwear still counts in my book! I’ve seen people walk in the lav with socks on an Aeroflot flight with 1/4 inch of piss on the lav floor :-0 (2008) I’m sure the apologists will be here to tell me it doesn’t happen anymore.

  5. It required a lot of forethought, but it worked. I saw Matt Lauer was on the plane, and when I saw him get up to go to the bathroom I cut in front of him and peed all over the place. I wanted to be able to brag that Matt Lauer cleaned up my pee (as I knew he would have to). Also, I was stalling for time, as I wanted to be able to inform my friend that Carmen Sandiego was at our destination so that he could win the contest.

  6. Interesting that Lauer makes a statement of fact that it was the guy before him who did it. By doing that (and not considering that it was the guy before that guy) he is perpetuating the same problem he felt forced to mitigate.

  7. There are people who enter lavatories at the end of trans pacific flights with socks on or no shoes. There is always urine on the floor and seat but to some people it doesn’t matter. I have a friend who is a chain smoker and on trans pacific flights goes into the bathroom, kneels on the floor, opens the toilet, puts a blanket over his head and lights up a cigarette and flushes the toilet while he smokes. Yes that blue water must not be as bad as getting that nicotine rush….

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