Meltdown: Dad Drags Daughter Through Baggage Claim at Washington Dulles Airport

A man at Washington Dulles is carrying a green bag in one hand and a pink bag in the other. It’s not clear which one was his personal item and which was his carry on — though since he’s departing baggage claim you have to imagine that one of them was checked.

Dad level 9000 from r/gifs

Wait for it, I think my favorite part is the big sister following along as though this is completely normal. After all Washington Dulles is a United hub, so the daughter was just doing her best impersonation of a United passenger getting dragged.

(HT: David H. via Pizza in Motion)

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  1. While this doesn’t look good I’m quick to withhold judgement…I’ve been there with an uncooperative child. I just hope I’ve handled it better than he apparently did…

  2. Gary, wait until your child gets to be two. No. NO. NOOOO!!!!. That is what the so called “Terrible Twos” is about. You can read about in any child rearing book.

    But actually, to me, two was not a big deal, because it is age related and not personal. By the age of three, the two year old becomes sweet again. Teen age rebellion is much worse, because it is personal, and some children (/adults) never get over it.

    On topic, sort of: Mark Twain said “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”

  3. @Mike. Exactly. Been there, done that. Outside, I once resorted to throwing one over a shoulder. I guess she got embarrassed, because she settled down and walked pretty shortly thereafter. I have threatened to use a “fireman’s carry” as well, and that mere threat did the job…

  4. Good for the dad. A kid needs to be put into place. Many kids run over their parents when traveling telling the parents what to do and what meals need to be serviced. When you see a parent with a bag full of everything to please the child then you know the boss is (the kid).

  5. The kid doesn’t seem upset, neither does Dad. It looks like harmless fun – kid was probably too sleepy to walk so preferred the joyride. Judgy folks in DC …!

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