MEN: If You’re Going to Pop the Question on a Plane Please Try to Be Original About It

Inflight marriage proposals are so de rigueur that El Al’s Matmid Club lets you redeem miles for an inflight marriage proposal kit.

Last year United helped a passenger pull off an inflight marriage proposal.

The 2011 marriage proposal onboard the MegaDO charter flight was cool.

  • It was a charter flight
  • Surrounded by friends
  • And more alcohol than is safe to drink in a lifetime

Of course there was an actual wedding on a plane.

At this point, at a minimum, if you’re going to pop the question inflight it needs to be your own plane. Or headed to a forbidden destination. At least do it in business class, with crew standing by with champagne. Maybe get the crew to propose for you. Or karaoke your proposal in the aisle.

Or just come up with something new. And by the way skipping the flight and just popping the question at LAX? Yeah, that’s been done too.

So it’s a little tough to get super excited for the couple who got engaged on a Delta Atlanta – Boston flight on Wednesday.

Delta flight attendants helped with planning — which involved a staged call for medical assistance from Chakravarti — and Patel had prepared cards handed out to customers asking them to take pictures and video of the proposal.

When the plane landed in Boston, Delta employees had balloons, gift bags and flowers for the newly-engaged couple.

Gentlemen, if you’re going to try to make your proposal original, try not to be derivative.

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  1. Ewww on a domestic flight too? Terrible. I’d only do it in DC Suites. Able to pop some Dom after and maybe get in a quickie in the double bed!

  2. Popped the question in etihad first apartment. They catered a cake, came up with the way to hide the ring during dinner, supplied extra champagne, hand wrote a congratulatory certificate with all crews’ signatures, and gave us a departure gift. Personal plane is 100% not necessary- etihad killed it.

  3. I proposed to my wife in the Baltimore airport in October 2014. I was the last to leave the plane, and my then girlfriend was waiting for me outside security. She didn’t notice a plane full of people and flight crew surrounding her. At the last minute, the mother of an old friend of hers saw her and accidentally ruined the surprise. But she said yes, and it was a big surprise.

  4. @Gary – This is getting mean, IMO. I believe your goal is to encourage “innovative” airline marriage proposals. To that end, I would encourage focusing on proposals done right, not tearing into someone’s marriage “boring” proposal. I struggle to read it as anything other than mean on a slow news day. Hope that helps, Gary, honest.

  5. If you look closely it says “surprise your partner and offer him to marry you”..Is it how it works there?

  6. Guys should not get down on their knees to propose. It’s sexist, demeaning and one of the centuries tradition that women have used to belittle and demean guys.

    Boycott women that force guys to demean themselves like this under guise of being romantic.

  7. Proposals in public for attention-whoring and cameras? Don’t like ’em.

    Next one I see, I’m going to add my own element. Maybe I’ll photobomb it, or add some rude noises. Your public space is also mine.

  8. Folks— public proposals fall in two categories:

    1. You’ve already talked about marriage and decided to get married. Guess what? That means you’re already engaged.

    2. You haven’t already talked about marriage and decided to get married. In that case, why on earth would you ask someone to marry you in a public place where they would feel uncomfortable saying no? If my boyfriend proposed to me in public, I would be furious. It’s so presumptuous.

  9. Why is this addressed just to men, both in the title and text? Thought leadership from the 1950s.

  10. I had no idea people actually did this. Seems odd to me different strokes and all.

  11. @02nz – while I’ve seen same sex marriage proposals on a plane, those involved men. More men propose to women than vice versa. Though it’s possible I’ve just missed it — you could probably search YouTube and prove me wrong — I’ve never personally seen a woman propose to a man on a plane. Frequent flyer hobbyists are disproportionately (though not exclusively) men. Men are the ones who I felt needed the advice overall. Because data.

  12. The Google translator didn’t do that good a job so here is the original English page:

    Marriage Proposal
    SKU: 60168
    Want to surprise your loved one with an original and exciting marriage proposal?
    You’ve decided to surprise your partner and ask him to marry you?

    What in the Celebration?

    * A bottle of fine wine with elegant wine glasses
    * A package of premium chocolates to sweeten the moment
    Click here to view the wine and the chocolate package
    * A discount voucher for 20% off on EL AL duty free purchases on your flight
    * A certificate from the EL AL Family as a souvenir of your unforgettable experience in the sky
    * The flight attendants will bring the celebration to your seats
    * It is prohibited to sell or provide alcoholic beverages to those under 18 years of age.

    To order, please contact El Al call center 972-3-9771111

    $ Price $ Price + Points Points Price
    $60.00 + 117 Points

    Notice that, indeed, it is directed towards proposing to a male partner!

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