Mexican Drug Cartel Shoots At Aeromexico Flight As Government Arrests Son Of El Chapo

Aeromexico flight AM165 from Culiacán to Mexico City was cancelled after being shot at while taxiing out for departure. The Embraer E-190 (registration XA-ALW) had bullets penetrating the cabin, as passengers ducked.

El Chapo, leader of the Sinaloa cartel, has been imprisoned in the United States since 2019. His son, Ovidio Guzmán, was arrested in Culiacán, Sinaloa, early on Thursday. The cartel sought to break him out of custody before he could be removed from the province. There were both cartel operations, and revenge-style lashing out, while citizens are being advised to remain indoors at home.

There was fighting between Mexican officials and the cartel at the airport.

Meanwhile, here’s the scene from on board the aircraft.

Throughout Sinaloa the cartel is showing force.

The Aeromexico flight was cancelled. Passengers and crew are all reported as safe, though no doubt under the circumstances they might have preferred to get themselves to Mexico City.

Commercial flights have certainly been shot at before, though fortunately it’s rare. It was only just in November, though, when bullets pierced the cabin of a Middle East Airlines plane as it landed in Beirut. And organized crime bringing bullets into airports isn’t new. In the Philippines we’ve seen security workers plant bullets in passenger belongings, ‘discover’ the bullets, and then extort the passengers.

If you wonder how the Mexican cartel can be so brazen, remember that the U.S. Border Patrol actually provided armed security for a drug cartel wedding. Their tentacles run deep, especially on their home turf.

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  1. Tomorrows Compensation Clinic

    Passenger request 60,000 miles compensation for being shot at on tarmac

  2. Supply and demand.
    As long as the LA crowd want their supply of coke and speed, the cartels will give it to them
    So, you can thank the Cali druggies for the violence in Mexico.

  3. There is also a lot of meth-related smuggling that goes from Mexico into the US to deliver to demand for drugs in the Trumplandia areas of the country.

  4. Can we please just make drugs illegal in the US so no one will use them? Same for guns. Thanks

  5. Meanwhile in America random gunmen kill children in school. We should not be so fast to judge the sins of another.

  6. I was sitting in a cafe in downtown Tulum in Dec 2020 when a drive-by assassination happened literally across the street. Thankfully it was a highly targeted hit so no random people were struck by stray bullets but still was scary. I hightailed it out of Tulum after that.

  7. @ Brodie

    You can blame the failed war on drugs on the vast sums of cash flowing from the god-fearing white folk of the sick old US of A (yep – drug abuse is predominantly a “white persons” issue).

    So, USD30 billion of cocaine annually from the USA, fuelling the cartels, the pay offs and all of the other shite goes with it. Add in the meth, etc., and you have one junkie country called the United States of Addicts.

    Meanwhile, on Wall Street, commodity prices are determined by the big end of town. Take coffee for example. There are 100,000s of small holding family business farmers in Colombia who cannot run their businesses financially because the price of their raw product (e.g. green coffee beans) is determined by some US mega corporate coffee purchasers and the traders in New York (who, ironically may be snorting the white powder whilst scooping their mega salaries – pass me the3 sick bucket). The local farmers get a few bucks per kg, whereas their product can sell for as much as 20 times that down the supply chain.

    Let’s not even start on the issue of US interventions in other nations…

    Basically, mate – you are an ignorant fcukwit.

  8. So now you can’t call the blog author any more without your posts being deleted / redacted

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    4) facile logic (e.g. trying to link failing to fire staff involved in runway incursions with a loss of airside safety)
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  10. @platy – I edited just one single off-topic comment of yours, blasting me for “dog whistle racism, anti union stuff, anti-science / medicine rants” on a post about.. redeeming miles for swiss first class. Oddly you’ve complained about lack of moderating comments, but when it happens to you . . .

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  11. @Gary Leff

    “I edited just one single off-topic comment of yours, blasting me for “dog whistle racism, anti union stuff, anti-science / medicine rants” on a post about.. redeeming miles for swiss first class. Oddly you’ve complained about lack of moderating comments, but when it happens to you . . .”

    Gary – you declared your intent to moderate comments that were racist, but not “off topic” in your opinion (ironic when you continue incite racism in recent articles, but hey…we get the picture).

    Apparently, you’ve now just changed the goalposts at your discretion – off-topic posts no longer allowed. No problem, your website – your choice, except you always crow about accepting criticism. Calling out that hypocrisy. Your choice.

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  12. @platy – you misrepresent what I wrote about the comments section, and I don’t even know what to say about your unsupported claim “I expect you to apologise to my wife for the abhorrent racism you have incited personally against her”

    I mean…

  13. Platy-Don’t you have anything better to do with your life. Give the guy a break or get the duck out of here. Done.

  14. The aimless tirades are irrelevant and tiresome.
    If you want to discuss politics, international intrigue, bless you, but use the appropriate forum.
    This is a travel blog, last I checked.

  15. This will be coming to our American cities and neighborhoods soon due to our unsecure southern border. The globalist uniparty has sold us out.

  16. Platy take a rest before you get banned from this site. Gary is losing patience with you.

    Gary one comment to make. I live both in the US and Philippines. The issue with bullets being planted was many years ago and confined to one airport ( Manila). I go back and forth between the US / Cebu / MNL sometimes several times a year. I have NEVER experienced a issue. Please let’s put that issue to rest now as the Philippines Government under former President Duterte cleaned up the corruption at the airport.

  17. @OnePatriot. Violence is coming to America because of Mexico? It was here long before. It’s well documented in the slaughtering of children in schools across America by white men with weapons. Of course, let’s also not forget all the white men at the insurrection on January 6th heck-bent on killing. Just in case you miss the domestic news in your reading. You’re like the guy with a messy yard who criticizes the neighbor as being the reason.

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  19. @Jack the Lad… we can but hope! And I have no doubt that platy has a big enough ego to believe that the rest of us would all quit if he does.

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